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Further down the corridor, Apollo can see the Cylons standing at the intersection. They're kind of far away, but they are at least standing still, so he screams, "Fire!" Everyone pops up and starts shooting, and one Cylon explodes. The second one is knocked down, but gets up and shoots back at them. Everyone ducks as the Cylon unloads both, er, hands at them. Team Apollo keeps firing, and as they pop out of their cover to shoot, both Marines get hit. Apollo seems to be taking his sweet time reloading. The Cylon starts to move down the hallway, and breaks into a run as Apollo swings out from behind his crates. The Cylon starts to vault over him, and Apollo falls back and fires upward at the Cylon. It goes kaboom in a very cool way, and the camera follows it as it crashes down and slides down the corridor, sending up sparks until it crashes into a wall. That was fun!

Up in the T-intersection, Venner gingerly leans down to check on Billy and the Prez. They're fine.

Jammer shouts, "We did it! We got 'em all!" And yeah, I totally expected another Cylon to pop out of nowhere and shred him right there. But that doesn't happen. He adds, "They don't look so big now, do they?" From the floor, where he is lying next to a dead Marine, Apollo gulps, "They look big enough."

Dualla offers to take Billy's gun, and it looks like it might be his turn to be a little concussed. Venner asks the Prez if she was hit, and she calmly says, "No, I don't think so." Heh. After helping her up, Venner points out that there are bullet holes in her jacket, and proceeds to get all Samuel L. Jackson on her. He says that the gods must be watching over her. There's really no good response to that, you know. The Prez nods with a worried expression.

As the piano music is cued up again, we return to Caprica. Starbuck reaches into her jacket pocket and pulls out a set of keys. She smirks and asks Helo, "Tired of walking?"

Cut to a garage. Helo laughs as they get into her Humvee and crash through the padlocked gate. The Humvee itself doesn't bother me; the fact that they aren't even trying to be stealthy does. We know that the Cylons were a lot more interested in Boomer than they were in Helo, but they don't.

Sickbay. Dualla's resting in bed, her forehead bandaged. Billy wanders in and asks how she is. Dualla says, "Better," and then holds out her hand for Billy. He takes it but says, "I thought you said..." Dualla says, "Forget what I said. Listen to what I'm saying." She tugs him down and kisses him. A little well-meaning incompetence always wins the girls over. But then Billy has to ruin it by saying, "I didn't hear that. Could you do that one more time?" Dualla tells him to get the curtain. Billy does get to smirk into the camera as he pull the curtain closed, which is pretty funny. Okay, is this the sexual situation? Because that's ridiculous.

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