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Apollo and the Prez are standing by Adama's bedside as Tigh enters and says that Cottle's on the way. The Prez tells Apollo that Adama will be fine, and then says to Tigh, "I assume there's still a cell out there waiting for me." Tigh says yup, and Venner leads the Prez out. I love how much Tigh doesn't care about her little adventure. Once the Prez is gone, Tigh tells Apollo, "I can't believe you sided with that woman against the Old Man." He grunts that he'd never do that, and concludes that Apollo isn't fit to wear a uniform. Apollo agrees. And if he'd just stopped there, I'd say good for him, especially because it would might give Tigh pause to understand that Apollo doesn't care about being fit to wear a uniform. But it's Apollo, so he has to go on: "Then again, neither are you." Remember how Tigh pointed out that his flaws were personal ones, but Starbuck's were professional? That applies here, too. Except Apollo has both kinds. Whatever. Apollo declares, "When [Adama] wakes up, he'll decide what to do with the both of us." No, really, what is he talking about? Does he have some reason to think that Adama will be gunning for Tigh as soon as he recovers? Moore mentions that, originally, when Apollo first calls in to CIC, Tigh tries to relieve him of command and put one of the Marines in charge of the group. And then bitches Apollo out and calls him a screw-up. Which makes Apollo's attitude at the end slightly more understandable, but since that part was cut (correctly, it sounds like), maybe the ending should have been amended as well. Apollo kisses his father on the forehead and snots out. Tigh looks at Adama and sighs, "Thank the gods I didn't have kids." Heh.

Next time: The kids on Kobol decide to do something that even Baltar thinks is "fracking nuts." And Tigh declares martial law.

Production card: A lightbulb goes off over Eick's head. Moore, perhaps sensing danger, flees, and then the Cylons outside the office shoot Eick with a few dozen bullets. They also smash the clock, which seems improbable to me because of the angles involved. Maybe it was a ricochet. Yes, I know they're just production cards. But I love them so very much.

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