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CIC. Gaeta broadcasts a message to the rest of the fleet, warning them to stay away until the ship is secured. As he starts to repeat the message, there's a shriek of feedback, and Gaeta announces that the signal has been jammed.

Brig. Billy, the Prez, and the guard stand in the dark, listening to the sounds of gunfire and screams not far away. It's nice and creepy; I like it. Billy points out that they can't stay where they are. I don't know why not. All things considered, the brig is probably a pretty secure room, and not likely to be high on the list of Cylon priorities. Between staying there and wandering the ship, I'd vote for staying there. But the Prez agrees with Billy, and tells the guard to let her out. The guard -- who really could use a name -- hesitates, and the Prez snaps, "I have no intention of being locked in this cell and shot like a rat in a cage. I want to be shot like a rat that's hopelessly lost in a maze of corridors!" The guard finally opens the cell, and as she steps out, someone starts opening the hatch into the brig. They all freeze and stare as the hatch is pulled open. The guard readies his rifle, and then Apollo shouts, "Corporal Venner, don't shoot! I came by to provide you with a name!" The Prez gives a mighty "phew," and Team Apollo enters. Apollo explains that the ship's been boarded, and says, "They're trying to get to the magazines." I think that "they" refers to the Marines, not the Cylons, because at first I thought, "How does he know that?" Apollo suggests that the Prez should make her way to sickbay: "It's farthest away from any potential targets, and it's designed to function as a disaster shelter in case the ship were lost." He takes a sidearm from one of the Marines and hands it to Billy, asking if he's ever used a weapon before. Billy gulps, "A pellet gun from my uncle when I was, like, ten." Apollo says this gun works on the same principle, it's just noisier. Venner tries to nod reassuringly at Billy, except his expression says, "We're doomed," heh. Apollo offers the Prez his own sidearm, but she raises her hands and insists, "No, thank you. I can't." Er, okay. Apollo adds one of the Marines to the Prez's escort, and advises, "Just head away from the sound of gunfire." There are more wails from outside as the Prez asks what Apollo's going to do. He says, "We're heading towards the gunfire." Tuning back to the Marines, Apollo sketches out a plan to go to a small arms locker two decks down, and then go toward the magazines. The Prez wishes him luck, and off they go.

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