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Galactica. Team Prez is still looking for sickbay. And finding a whole mess of bodies instead. The Prez takes off her glasses, perhaps to make the gruesomeness into a vague blur. But then she bends down to look at one of the bodies more closely -- make up your mind, woman! The clanging noises have started up again, and as the Prez reaches out to check for a pulse, someone announces, "She stopped breathing a while ago." Everyone whirls around to see Dualla standing in a corner. Billy rushes over, and Dualla stares numbly into space, with blood trickling down her forehead. She explains, "I was going to the head." Billy tries to examine her injuries as Dualla calmly continues, "Went to my rack. I forgot something." Billy tells her to look at him, but Dualla goes on twitchily staring at the air. The Prez suggests using her rank, and so Billy says, "Petty Officer Dualla, look at me." Dualla turns to face Billy directly and blinks a few times before saying, "I'm glad to see you. I've been here in the dark a long time." The Prez figures that Dualla has a concussion, and tells Venner that they need to find a different route to sickbay. Venner's not doing a lot better than Dualla, frankly, so the Prez carefully explains, "We don't want to walk into gunfire. We want to go away from the Cylons." Venner eventually comes up with a more circuitous route to sickbay, and off they go.

CIC. Gaeta announces that two Cylons were reported destroyed, and a third is trapped in the ship's laundry. Hee. He says, "It can't walk, but it's still shooting." Gaeta looks slightly amused by that image, which is nice, because I am. I'll be more amused if in future episodes we see a lot of crewmen wearing uniforms that are full of holes. Kelly figures that auxiliary fire control is safe, but Tigh is sure that the remaining Cylons are headed for aft damage control. A guy hurries over with a note for Gaeta, and then hurries away just as quickly. Gaeta reads the note and shouts, "No, I do not like Baltar that way! You people are so immature!" Okay, actually, he reports that Sgt. Hadrian reports that the Cylons have cut through a section of the hull in a compartment in front of her, so she can't continue her pursuit. Tigh points out, "There is nothing between the last two Cylons and the decompression safeties." I don't know how they know that there were only five Cylons. Maybe that was cut for time. Tigh suggests this would be a good time for prayer. I'm surprised he doesn't ask if anyone's got a flask handy.

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