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Lovers Walk (When They Should Run)

CIC. Dualla tells Adama that three Raptors have finished their sweeps without finding any water. Tigh adds that, according to "astrometrics," there aren't any other systems in range likely to have water. Dualla pipes up to add that a fourth Raptor has called in without finding anything, so only Boomer and Crashdown are still looking. Tigh wonders what the backup plan is. Adama says that they'll jump to another sector and start over, and sighs, "Needle in a haystack." Tigh offers, "More like a grain of salt on a beach." Adama blinks at him like, "Don't correct my metaphors, okay?" Dualla pipes up that it's closer to a canary in a coal mine, because it would be hard to find the canary because it's small and the coal mine is dark. Then everyone looks at her for a minute, and Billy has to pull her aside and explain about canaries and mines. Except that some of that didn't actually happen.

Crashdown taps a few random keys, and a helpful message comes up on his monitor reading, "H2O negative contact." He sighs, "More nothing." Boomer stares straight ahead and says that she hasn't found anything, either. But her monitor disagrees! "H2O positive multiple contacts," it announces cheerily. Crashdown hopes that someone else had better luck, and Boomer stares at her monitors. The monitor stares back at her. One of them is having complicated thoughts, and it just might be the monitor. Crashdown asks, "What's on your mind, Boomer?" Boomer says she isn't sure, but that she wants to run the last sweep again. They do, and Crashdown immediately says that he's got zip. Boomer's monitor repeats: "Multiple contacts." The detonator blinks away next to Boomer's seat. Boomer finally makes a pained face and says, "I'm having trouble saying it..." Crashdown, not unreasonable, asks what she means. Boomer gasps a bit, and reaches one hand down toward the detonator. She taps it with one finger as she quaveringly says, "I spy, with my little eye, something that start with 'W.'" Okay, no, but maybe she should have tried that. Or just asked Crashdown to trade with her, so that they were double-checking each other's work, basically. But instead, she says, "I think I see -- oh! I have positive contact!" She moves her hand away from the detonator as Crashdown finally bothers to move two steps forward and look at her monitor. He woohoos and applauds her as Boomer holds her head.

CIC. Dualla patches Crashdown through over the speakers. Crashdown rather informally reports, "It's time to break out the swim trunks because we found water!" There's the obligatory applause in CIC, and Adama tells Dualla that he wants to transmit a message to the fleet. His big speech winds up being, "Attention, this is the commander. We have found water." I guess he saves the more insightful speeches for private conferences with the Prez. With that out of the way, he tells the CIC crew, "Let's go have a drink." Tigh's like, "Way ahead of you! Oh, you meant a drink of water. Okay, that, too."

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