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Lovers Walk (When They Should Run)

Tyrol steps into the Raptor's cockpit and looks over the seats. And then he freezes upon spotting the detonator.

Colonial One. The Prez thanks Apollo for coming to see her. She mentions the Olympic Carrier, and says, "I know what a hard thing that is to live with, for all of us." Apollo says that he can't stop thinking about it, and then parrots his dad's statement about taking responsibility for his actions. The Prez shares a little anecdote about how President Adar sent fifteen Marines on a mission that got them killed, and how, publicly, he maintained that it was the correct decision. But privately, he knew it was a mistake. She tells Apollo, "He kept the names of the dead in his desk drawer. He said that it was imperative for a leader to remember and learn from their mistakes, even if they can't admit to them publicly." Apollo asks whether destroying the Carrier was a mistake. The Prez doesn't know. Apollo says, "So, what the hell is your point here, lady?" Well, no. Actually, the Prez concludes, "I don't have a desk drawer yet, but I have a pocket." I can't give you a brain, but I can give you a diploma! She reaches into her pocket and pulls out an octagonal Post-It that reads, "Olympic Carrier." Well, I guess she couldn't really carry around a list of a thousand names. Apollo looks at the paper and nods like he's just learned something very profound. Possibly involving puppies. After a beat, the Prez says that she wants him to be her personal military advisor. Apollo stammers and blushes and flutters his eyelashes like he's been asked to the prom, and then points out that Adama should advise her. The Prez says, "I'm not looking for military advice. I'm looking for advice about the military." I still like that line. She explains that Apollo's explanation for all the pomp earlier changed her view of Adama. She adds, "I would appreciate more of those insights. And you can keep your day job at the C.A.G." She pronounces each letter individually, and Apollo explains, "It's pronounced 'cag.'" The Prez looks dumbfounded and says, "Do you see why I need you?" Then Billy rushes in, full of jealous rage, stabs Apollo, and calls the Prez a wanton strumpet. Not really. Apollo asks who's gonna tell Adama about his new gig, and the Prez says that's Apollo's first assignment. Wah-wah. She giggles a little, and Apollo laughs and says, "Somehow I knew you were gonna say that." Oh, you kids.

Tyrol enters the tool room, where Boomer is waiting to embrace him. Guess that's why it's called the tool room. After some kissing, Boomer says, "That is just what I needed." Tyrol firmly (ahem) agrees. With the small talk out of the way, Boomer asks Tyrol if he found the detonator. He says that he did, and reassuringly says that he gave it to the master-at-arms. Boomer shrieks, "What?" and flails around in a panic. While Boomer makes a series of shocked faces, Tyrol quickly explains that he said that he found the detonator during maintenance. He insists, "That puts them on the same trail that we're on, [and] doesn't raise any suspicion of you." He insists that he won't let anything happen to her. Boomer is placated, and gives him another hug. Tyrol tells her not to worry, and Boomer says she'd better go. She and Tyrol leave the tool room.

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