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Lovers Walk (When They Should Run)

Apollo is also putting on his dress uniform. He opens his locker, sees his reflection, makes a hilarious "Aaaa!" face, and boom, we're in a flashback. Only Apollo would actually be frightened by his own reflection. So anyway, flashback to Apollo firing on the Olympic Carrier. And then we're back, and Apollo makes some traumatized gasps and then closes his locker again. I wonder if his locker is like Binkley's anxiety closet.

Apollo pedeconferences with Adama and tells him, "I can't stop thinking about the Olympic Carrier." Adama pffts, "That was three days ago. It's ancient history under these circumstances." Apollo frets that, as leaders, maybe they have an obligation to examine their own decisions and consider every angle until they become paralyzed with self-doubt and regret and are unable to make any decision for fear it's the wrong one. It's like someone took the entire Democratic Party and distilled it into one guy. Adama tries to wake up his navel-gazing son, and says, "A man takes responsibility for his actions, right or wrong. He accepts the consequences and lives with them. Every day."

The Colonial One docks inside the Galactica.

Billy tells the Prez to wait until the ship has come to a complete stop before she retrieves her luggage from the overhead compartment. The Prez pulls on her jacket and whines, "Please don't tell me that we have to go through this every time I step on that ship." Billy says no, but that there will always be some kind of arrival ceremony because...well, she's the President. He adds that if they know the Prez doesn't care for it, they could probably tone it down. The Prez figures that Adama's more comfortable with the formality, and figures that might make him easier to deal with. Then she gripes, "I'm going to get tired of this outfit, seeing as I only have three for the rest of my life." Billy says that she looks fine, and the Prez hms, "Fine?" Billy amends that to "Great," and the Prez teases that Billy doesn't know anything about women. With that, they prepare to greet the troops.

CIC. The Prez speechifies: "Without your extraordinary dedication, your tireless effort, your sacrifice, no one of us would be here today." There's polite applause, and then Adama orders everyone back to work. Dualla tells Adama that the Virgon Express is maneuvering alongside the Galactica, and awaiting "unrep," whatever the hell that is. Adama tells Gaeta to proceed with the unrep, and leads the Prez out.

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