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Lovers Walk (When They Should Run)

Boomer finishes telling Tyrol about her morning's adventures. I assume she left out the part where she was soaking wet when she woke up, because that's a bit of a give-away. Tyrol does his monkey-like head-scratch maneuver again, which I just find hysterical, for some reason. He doesn't say anything for a long while, but finally he declares that someone's obviously trying to frame Boomer: "You wake up somewhere, you don't know how you got there or anything? You're drugged or manipulated, or who knows what, something." Hee. Something! Boomer says that if she reports what happened, they'll think she's a Cylon agent. Tyrol grabs her and insists that's crazy. Boomer retorts that people are getting crazy. She says, "You've heard the rumors: Cylons who look like humans, sleeper agents hiding in the fleet." As if on cue, there's a distant explosion.

In CIC, things shake a little, and alarms go off. Gaeta shouts, "Decompression alarm!" In an exterior shot, we see water streaming out of the Galactica into space. Then there's another explosion, and a second fountain pours out of the ship's side. Gaeta reports that there are ruptures in four water tanks. Adama orders them to release the unrep lines and veer to starboard. Buttons are pressed, levers are pushed. Tigh says that every tank on the port side has blown: "We're venting all our water directly into space."

Commercials. This was my favorite of the "questions" for Moore: "When you were following your dream to become a writer, did you ever think that someday you would be using it to crush the dreams of others?" The correct answer is: "No, that was an unexpected perk."

Tyrol and some of his crew have donned spacesuits and are entering one of the water tanks. They shine their flashlights around, and we finally see the gaping hole in the hull. Someone aims a flashlight's beam through the hole as a Raptor hovers outside. The beam blinds the pilot, and the Raptor crashes into a lower deck and kills twenty people. Okay, not really. But that would have been pretty funny. Instead, Tyrol radios to the Raptor: "I have you in my sights." Inside the Raptor, Boomer says, "Copy that," in a bizarrely seductive way. She asks if they can tell what happened, and Tyrol blurts, "Lieutenant, don't worry." Then he does an "oopsie" eye-flicker and adds, "-- about my team." Heh. Good cover, Tyrol. Cally gives another "I can't believe they think they're fooling anyone" glance. Tyrol adds that everything's under control. Boomer says, "I feel better knowing you're on it." She turns to see Crashdown giving her a funny look, and snaps, "Watch the light, you're off target." Hee.

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