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The meeting/dining/conference room. The Prez, Billy, Adama, and Tigh sit at the table. One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong. The Prez asks how much water was lost, and the camera swings around to show Gaeta standing at the podium. Gaeta says they lost almost 60% of their reserves. Adama orders rationing: "Shut down laundry, showers, anything nonessential, immediately." The Prez asks how long their existing water supply will last. Gaeta says that the Galactica could go on as is for six days normally, but now it's supplying a third of the fleet: "If we don't find new supplies, they'll run out of water in two days." The Prez says that the ships without their own water supply will need to begin rationing as well, and Billy hurries out to pass along the news. Tigh grumbles, "There's gonna be riots on those ships. Civilians don't like hearing they can't take a bath or wash their clothes or drink more than a thimble a day." Yeah, stupid wussy civilians. I love how he's implying that Galactica's crew wouldn't mind being stinky and dehydrated. The Prez is like, "Thanks, Colonel Gloomy." Oh, hey, Apollo's there too. Hiding in the background. Gaeta starts to leave, and we see that he's had time to put together a nice visual aid illustrating the water tanks. The Prez asks, "Do you have any theories about what may have caused the accident?" It was probably space termites, don't you think? Gaeta looks nervous and non-answers that there are many theories. The Prez presses, "Do you have a guess?" Adama interrupts, and says that he tells his officers not to make guesses: "I prefer to wait until we have facts." Aw, he's a Sherlock Holmes fan. The Prez really, really wants to hear some guesses, though, so Adama instructs Gaeta give it a try. Gaeta hesitantly suggests that maybe the nuke the Cylons used in the miniseries caused enough damage that the tank finally ruptured. I'm really coming around to the "Gaeta's a Cylon" theory, I have to say. Oh, and look, Baltar's there as well. Smoking. In front of a fan. Heh. I think maybe we should have started with a wide shot of the whole room, because all these other people keep appearing out of nowhere. The Prez thanks Gaeta for his guess, and Adama finally moves things along to how they're going to find more water.

In one of the water tanks, Cally calls Tyrol over to look at a section of the tank. She says, "It looks like burn marks from an explosive," and hands over a chunk of singed metal. Tyrol sweatily observes that the metal is so rusted that it's hard to tell. Cally stares at him. Looking back at it now, it seems like Cally should have been a bigger player in "Litmus," because she had plenty of reasons to be suspicious of Tyrol.

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