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Commercials. Sometimes I think that I never want Helo to get back to the Galactica, but he has to, because at some point he has to discover that all of his misadventures are because he nobly gave up his seat to the man who enabled the attack. And then, obviously, he'll go completely nuts, and spend four or five episodes living in the Galactica ducts, feasting on the bodies of the unwary. He could be like the anti-Baltar, actually, and lose his faith, and talk about existentialism and Nietzsche a lot.

When we return, the Prez asks, "How many people know Cylons look like humans?" Tigh say that "half the ship" is gossiping about humanoid Cylons. The Prez dismisses that, saying that there will always be rumors. She wants to know who actually knows. Tigh says, "The five people in this room, plus three Marines." Baltar looks shifty as the Prez says that they'll keep it that way. The Prez frets that people will start accusing each other of being Cylons if the truth gets out, plus there might be really heavy-handed episodes about witch-hunts. Nobody wants that. Adama asks Baltar how the screenings are coming. Baltar duhs, and the Prez expositions, "You're supposed to be screening Galactica crew for potential Cylon agents." Baltar boggles, and Six suddenly asks, "Do you remember the first time you lied to a woman?" It's sort of interesting that she's specifying "women" there. Guess she's feeling some sisterhood with other imaginary robot girlfriends.

Cut to the domicylon. Baltar is standing on the balcony as Six continues, "Other than your mother, that is." Hee. Baltar says that the first woman apart from his mother was Sherry Bennet. He turns around, and Six is sitting in a hot tub with a bottle of champagne close at hand. Baltar reminsces about a fourth-grade game of "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" with young Miss Bennet, in which he welshed on his part of the deal. He adds, "You know, I think I slept with her, actually -- many years later, of course." Six seems to be charmed by the story, which is yet another reason I think she's just a creation of his own insanity. Six steps out of the tub and, to the lingering sadness of many viewers, grabs a towel before stepping out of the shadows. Somehow, this leads to Baltar pontificating about women. He smarms, "Every woman has her beauty, her feminine charms that are hers and hers alone." Six looks skeptical about that.

Adama says, "Doctor?" Baltar jolts back to reality and admits that he's having some trouble with the Cylon detector. He says that he's run out of the chemical compounds he needs. "I need large samples of, um...[Baltar pauses to invent something] tetrahydrocycline, which, I don't have to tell you -- well, maybe I do have to tell you -- [Strega pauses to giggle] but it's a highly volatile --" Adama mercifully interrupts before Baltar unleashes a never-ending sentence on the world. He says that Baltar's, like, totally way smarter than they are. I'd mock them all for not realizing that Baltar's just dazzling them with bullshit that sounds good, but then that's how I got through school. That might be why I kind of like Baltar, actually. Adama says, "In order to make large-scale screenings, you're gonna need help. Staff, resources." Baltar quickly agrees, and claims that this was precisely his point. And then, as soon as the words are out of his mouth, he realizes what he's agreeing to and says, "Although, more staff..." Six leans over his shoulder and grumps, "Someone snooping around, watching your every move?" Baltar frowns, until Six adds, "Maybe it'll be a woman, and you can find her 'secret beauty.'" Baltar perks up at that idea. Hee. Adama says that he's assigning Gaeta to assist Baltar. Six harrumphs, "So much for that." And hee again. Baltar protests, reminding them all of the need for secrecy, but the Prez figures that the need for a Cylon detector trumps other concerns. The Prez says that Baltar's test "may be critical to [their] very survival." Six traces a finger along Baltar's cheek and echoes, "Humanity's very survival rests in your hands." They're so dead. Baltar stares up at Six, who smirks, "Now, if only you had an actual Cylon detector." Even Baltar thinks that's kind of funny. Then he blinks and looks at the Prez.

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