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Lovers Walk (When They Should Run)

Flight deck. Apollo is telling Boomer and Crashdown that the need for water is critical. I don't know which is sadder: that Apollo thinks that he has to explain that, or that, given he's talking to Boomer and Crashdown, the possibility that he actually does have to explain that. He says that the civilians are already starting fights over water rations. He also says, "There's panic in the air," because he's a dink. Boomer insists that she understands the urgency. Apollo wishes her good hunting, and marches off. On his way out, he passes Tyrol, who casually greets Boomer. Cally isn't even in this scene, and yet I can feel her rolling her eyes. Boomer quietly says, "I feel like my head's about to explode." She hides it well. Tyrol tells her just to focus on the mission. As he pretends to check out her Raptor, he expositions that the master-at-arms is running the investigation into the sabotage, but that there's nothing that would connect it to Boomer. He adds, "In fact, there's no reason to believe you had anything to do with it at all." Boomer snits, "I didn't!" Tyrol says he knows that, but Boomer goes on defending her innocence in an oddly perky way. Tyrol keeps agreeing with her, but she finally grabs his arm and whines, "It's really important you believe me on this. You do believe me, right?" Someone should tell the Cylon programmers about that protesting-too-much thing. Tyrol says yet again that he believes her.

Adama's quarters. The Prez is poking around one of the many piles of books as Adama hurries in and apologetically explains that he had to deal with something in the engine room. The Prez cheerfully mentions that she'll have to borrow a couple of books sometime. Adama has bustled past her to the bathroom, and is about to wash his hand when he freezes and remembers the water shortage. Wait, did he just take a FTL piss? He asks the Prez what book she'd like, and starts wiping his dry hands on a towel. The Prez mentions a book called A Murder on Picon, and confesses to having a weakness for mysteries. Adama suggests something called Dark Day, as he returns to the main room, and quickly hands her a copy. The thing I liked is that he knew exactly where it was. And it wasn't sitting out on a table so that he could grab it easily for blocking purposes; it was on low shelf on a bookcase so he had to scurry around to get it. I like those details. Anyway, the Prez thanks Adama and admits that it may take her a while to return it. Adama gruffs, "It's a gift. Never lend books." That's actually good advice. Not that I'm bitter.

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