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Gaeta tags along behind a miffed Baltar, who's striding through the corridor with his arms folded angrily. Gaeta burbles that he's looking forward to working with Baltar. Six gleefully chirps, "You have a friend! " Hee. Gaeta says that he studied genetics in college. Baltar pauses by the door to the rec room and enthuses, "Wonderful!" Then he looks through the doorway and gasps, "Is that a card game?" He hurries inside, and a confused Gaeta follows.

Oh, look, it's spunky Starbuck with an intact knee. Joy. She gloats, "And the girl wins again!" and claws at the pot. She offers a rematch, and Baltar asks if he can join the game, and right now, in his head, Baltar is James Bond. Starbuck looks at him, and right now, in her head, Baltar is Foghorn Leghorn. She semi-politely says that if he's got the cubits, he can play. Er, cubits are money; that's not a wacky slang term like "frack." Although now I want to pretend that it is slang: "That guy's got big cubits to pull a stunt like that!" Er, anyway, Starbuck mentions that, in lieu of cash, anything drinkable is also acceptable. She chugs what looks like an airline bottle of booze. Baltar starts to admit that he's a bit cash-poor, and behind him Gaeta starts ingratiatingly checking his pockets for cash. Which is hilarious. Before Gaeta can offer a scholarship, Baltar pulls off his jacket and notes that it's worth at least fifteen cubits. He talks up the jacket a bit, and notes that it would look very nice on Starbuck. He loudly asks, "Anybody else got any civilian clothes they'd be interested in putting on the table?" He's hoping for strip poker, isn't he? Starbuck looks sulky as Baltar sits down. Gaeta approaches Baltar and pointedly checks his watch, so Baltar politely says, "Don't let me keep you." Heh. Baltar makes a face I'll have to translate thusly: "But I was -- and we were gonna -- with the -- because -- aw, crap." He exits. Baltar's face says: "Phew! " Starbuck's face says: "Git."

Adama and the Prez are sitting on Adama's swanky couch. I am distracted because I need a new coffee table and Adama's got just the kind I want. The Prez reports that there's already been one riot because of the water rationing. This is another one of those episodes where I don't feel like enough time is passing. Because it seems like it's been half a day, tops. Presumably it's been longer. Or else the civilians are really, really finicky. The Prez declares, "We need to demonstrate an ability to maintain order." Pogroms oughta do the trick. Adama say that he doesn't have the men to enforce security throughout the fleet. The Prez says that there isn't anyone else who can do it, but Adama gruffs that the military and the police are separate bodies for a reason: "One fights the enemy of the state, the other serves and protects the people. When the military becomes both, then the enemies of the state tend to become the people." He's such a utopian. I want to watch a debate between Adama and my Sociology prof. The Prez doesn't seem to mind getting a Civics lecture, but she insists that she's not going to let that happen. I do like this scene, even if it is less than subtle, just because they're both right. But Adama's all about the abstract issues while the Prez is like, "Yeah, but hello, there are people rioting." Adama looks at the Prez and finally agrees to send some troops in. The Prez repeats, "I won't let that happen." And they look at each other like they might just kiss for a second. But they don't. Which is good.

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