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Way Hay, And Up She Rises...

Adama, understandably, says, "What?" Apollo explains about the writing. Everyone in CIC cheers and applauds and hugs, which is a little much for me. I mean, I know, they've been looking for two days, blah blah, but...I prefer the way the Prez just smiles happily. Well, and the way Tigh looks like he just heard a dog whistle. Adama shouts to be heard over the noise: "Bring it in to the bay! If it does anything, take it out!" Apollo says he will, but gigglingly adds, "It's got to be her. This thing is flying with some serious attitude." Adama actually allows himself to smile enough to display a few teeth before he gets hold of himself.

The Raider whooshes around Apollo, and then wobbles side to side, and Apollo wobbles back. Which is apparently something from the original show that I don't care about, but it was cute without my knowing that.

The crew is moving the Raider onto the deck. Tyrol strolls past it, saying, "Now your ass belongs to me." I wonder what he'd have said if she'd captured a base. Oh come on, it was right there. Starbuck is on a stretcher nearby, and we can see some deep bruising around her knee. She asks Apollo if he likes her new toy. Apollo says, "Boy, when you take a souvenir, you don't screw around." He helps the med team spread a blanket over her, and then recoils upon noticing that she smells "like a latrine." Starbuck chuckles, "You wanna give me a bath?" and is promptly wheeled away by the med crew, who are probably rolling their eyes.

Adama enters sickbay, where Starbuck is resting with her leg wrapped in, like, a reflective car shade. Adama asks how she is, and Starbuck quietly says she's been worse. She asks how her knee is, and Adama reports, "Doc says it's too early to tell, but knowing you, you'll be fine." He pauses for a minute, and strokes her head. Aw! Adama finally just says that she did good, and leans down and kisses her forehead. Starbuck loses it for second and starts crying, and then uncrumples her face as Adama stands up again. Sniff. I like stoic types. He asks if she needs anything, and Starbuck admits that she'd like a cigar. Adama pulls a cigar out of his pocket, and Starbuck giggles. He says, "It's my last one, so enjoy." Starbuck thanks him. He squeezes her hand, tells her to get some rest, and leaves.

Next time: The Prez announces that there may be Cylons among them. You're next!

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