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Way Hay, And Up She Rises...

Flight deck. Tyrol and Apollo trade technobabble to establish that the moon's atmosphere is hell on the ships. Apollo asks for another Viper, and Tyrol explains that there aren't any. Apollo's like, "Yeah, but I really, really want another ship." Tyrol points out that there still aren't any. Apollo threatens to hold his breath till he turns blue. Number of ships Tyrol offers Apollo: 0. Finally Apollo says, "I'm the CAG, you're the Chief -- just make it happen."

Gaeta tells Adama that Starbuck has five hours' worth of oxygen left. Adama says, "Thanks, because it's not like I can read the great big countdown clock all by myself." Gaeta then shows Adama a "photo mosaic for the area [they've] searched so far." It sounds like he's doing craft projects, doesn't it? Adama and Tigh debate search strategy, and then Apollo arrives with a suggestion: "Redeploy the Combat Air Patrol to the search." Tigh says that the CAP is the fleet's only defense, so Apollo suggests bringing the rest of the fleet closer to the moon: "We can always scramble the Vipers from the search to meet any attack." Tigh seems to think that's ridiculous, but I'm not sure why. Actually, this sounds so reasonable that I'm not sure why it's taken so long for them to do it. Tigh insists, "Starbuck would be the first one to tell you not to do this." Okay, but seriously: why? Apollo sneers, "Nothing would make you happier, would it? Leave her behind, get rid of the foul-mouthed insubordinate pilot that keeps challenging your authority." Whoa. Speaking of insubordinate pilots... Tigh -- whom I have more respect for every week -- keeps his cool as he replies, "I'm not the one confusing personal feelings with duty." Apollo says, and I quote, "Oh yeah?" Ha! He asks what Tigh means, and Tigh probably wishes he had a whiteboard of his own at this point so he could draw a chart for Apollo. Forced to make do without visual aids, Tigh says, "You are way too close to this because she is your friend --" at which point Apollo grabs Tigh in fury, all, "How dare you say she's my friend!" I think Apollo might actually be insane. Although this is one of those parts where it helps to bear in mind that they've been doing this for over forty hours now, so everyone's cranky. Anyway, Adama intervenes, saying that there's work to be done. He calls Apollo, who gives Tigh a little "I can't believe you had the nerve to say I'm friends with Starbuck. I'm gonna remember that, buster" head-jerk and steps away. Adama tells Apollo, "Get as many birds up in the air as you can and you find our girl." Apollo says he'll do that. But he said that before, so that shows how reliable he is. Exit Apollo.

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