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Previously: Pretty farm boy discovers a whole new world on the New York modeling scene. Washed-up former "it" girl with secret love child gets replaced by run-of-the-mill new "it" girl with incarcerated pappy. Others peddle their wares (drugs, their own bodies, etc.) to get ahead in this cutthroat world...

The models convene for their morning Mexican diet pills... um... I mean, coffee and listen to the fashion news courtesy of Giuliana DePandi Rancic. She runs down the highlights of the week in modeling: Nina Garcia's upcoming annual Unicef/Malawi benefit, plus the scandal-riddled Covet Models anniversary party from last week, including Egan's drug bust and Sonja's big return to the scene. Marissa can't be bothered to think of the poor, starving Malawi children because she's pissed that she's being described as Egan's girlfriend. Cole tells Marissa to wear her Page Six mention as a "badge of honor," but it's scant consolation. Meanwhile, Isaac is trying to get support for Egan's bail fund. Shockingly, there aren't many takers.

Upstairs, Raina tries to avoid waking up Chris. Turns out the morning is no less awkward even if you didn't actually have sex. Chris asks where the nearest Greyhound station is. Raina starts to Google it but still tries to convince Chris to stick it out in the big city. He admits he regrets blowing his chances by getting all uber-hetero. They share an awkward almost-kiss moment before the computer beeps that it has results. Raina lays out Chris's options, and he thanks her for everything. More sexual tension.

Across town, Mischa Barton is the worst actress ever. Seriously... yeesh. Sonja stares at the spangled dress from the night before while talking to her mother, insisting that her baby girl should not be brought to New York. Sonja's phone beeps, so she switches over to the other line. It's Claudia, who tells her to bring the Versace dress to the campaign because she's been booked. At this point, Sonja looks like such shit that I bet she's even confused by this development. Thanks, Raina for suspending reality for another week! Claudia tells Sonja it's time for them to talk on the record.

Back at the model house, Cole gives Raina and Chris a snarky morning greeting. Raina's phone rings, and it's Claudia, who coincidentally is looking for Chris. She has his stuff from Simon and wants to talk. The kids look excited. Both of the wide-eyed newbies make their way over to Claudia's office. She apologizes for not nurturing them sufficiently and makes it up to Chris by offering him a new development opportunity, complete with expenses covered. Much to his relief, Simon is no longer working at Covet. Chris decides to stay at Covet after all.

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