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He heads outside while Raina stays behind to talk with Claudia. Claudia wonders why Raina told Franco Falcone she was only 16. Raina plays dumb, claiming she thought that was what Franco wanted to hear -- not that she was trying to blackmail the shit out of him. Claudia tells her that she missed out on a big chance for a national campaign and that the phone has been ringing non-stop for her. She advises her to focus solely on her own career from now on. She tells her no distractions, including Chris. Her first see-and-be-seen opportunity will be the next night at Nina Garcia's party.

Model house. Marissa happens upon Raina's brother Alex leaving a message on Raina's white board. She asks him if he's a stalker and, thus, a great friendship is born. They both wonder why they haven't seen each other before. She determines that it's because he reads magazines like FHM and Maxim. He says it's because he and Raina don't see eye to eye on certain issues. She thinks it's high time to stir up some shit, so she invites him as her plus-one to the Nina Garcia benefit the next night.

Meanwhile, Raina and Chris coordinate their plans for the benefit. Cole comes out to be a prick and succeeds admirably. He even welcomes Chris into his room with him on the grounds that Chris is only going to be there temporarily. Chris gives him a tempered thank-you and heads off to hang up some new clothes he's bought. Raina tells Cole to be a little nicer. Cole claims Chris is different than the rest of them. Replies Raina, "Exactly."

Later, male models get measured as Isaac shows Chris the ropes at his first booking. Vivienne and another client call over Chris to size him up. They determine he's a bit stocky and that he would be best suited to deep background then dismiss him. Next, Isaac peacocks up, cocksure that he's got the job since he's boning Vivienne. And yet! She makes a litany of negative comments about his size and stature even as the client is interested in his "unique" (read: Black Bozo) looks. Isaac can't believe he's being shafted but still plays it cool. It's all for naught, though, as Vivienne suggests they go in a different direction, and the client concedes.

Elsewhere, Sonja watches the gawkers watch her as she struts through a hip restaurant on her way to meet Claudia. Claudia suggests she at least smile when she makes such public appearances during her supposed triumphant comeback. Sonja strikes back in the most expensive way, ordering a bottle of Veuve and a menu of the chef's choosing. Claudia reminds Sonja that it's been six months -- a virtual eternity in the modeling business. She says she needs assurance that Sonja won't fall off the radar again. Sonja claims she won't, but refuses to elaborate as to why she left the scene. She claims that her Versace booking is proof that things are back to the way they were. Claudia isn't convinced. She tells Sonja this is her last chance. Sonja leaves in a huff, bursting into tears just as she gets out the door.

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