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Model apartment. Chris works off some of that stocky figure in Cole's room. Cole explains what a fickle business modeling is, saying he's been called too fat, too skinny, too tall, and too short all in the same day. Chris's phone rings, and he's off to take some more pictures to build his book. Before he goes, he tells Cole that the next couple of weeks will be make-or-break for him. Claudia is only covering his expenses for a month, and his father's only holding his job on the farm for two weeks. Cole wonders why he would risk it all. "I don't want to spend the rest of my life slowly turning into my father," he says. "This might be my only chance to avoid that." Cole gets a twinkle in his beady eye and decides to set Chris up with the right photographer instead of one who just happened to be free. Chris wonders why the sudden charity. Cole explains that he's doing it more for Raina than for Chris. Chris accepts.

Upstairs, Marissa joins Raina as she primps for the next morning's shoot. Marissa wants to go out, but Raina thinks they should rest up for the Versace shoot the next morning, even though they're just background models. Marissa disagrees, but changes the subject to ask Raina about her supposedly cute brother. She forewarns Raina that she's invited Alex to the benefit and says it should be a lesson not to keep things from her. She tells her to get ready, because they're going out for a drink.

Uptown, Isaac storms up to Vivienne's door to ask her why she sandbagged him on the job that day. He thinks that wasn't part of the deal and feels humiliated, since he had to beg Claudia to send him on the go-see in the first place. She tells him matter-of-factly he wasn't right for the job and says it's all part of the game plan. He lays it out there -- he needs $3,000. She tells him to show her how much he needs it, and all sorts of icky foreplay ensue.

Versace shoot. Marissa tries to spread sour grapes, but Raina says that Sonja is kicking ass in the party dress. Lots of shots in a row try to make us believe this as well, but... meh. On a break, Sonja is barraged by one whole paparazzo, who asks her about detox and whatnot. Cole gets all macho man up in his face, and he backs off pretty easily. God, the stakes are so high on this show! She thanks him for having her back, and Raina says he did a nice thing just then. Cole tells Raina that he used to know Sonja way back in the day. He says this latest gig is the best thing that could have happened to her, giving Raina reason to smug it up all over town.

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Beautiful Life




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