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Cheap Shots

Her phone rings. It's Chris, seeking advice for his book-building photo shoot. She talks him through fashion, shaving, etc., and tells him she'll meet him after the last set-up on the Versace shoot.

Uptown, Vivienne greets Isaac and his six-pack with a freshly blended blueberry smoothie. She asks him why he needs $3,000. He says it's for Egan. She has very little pity, and he says she probably doesn't remember what it's like to be on the bottom rung. She says that she does, which is why she is so serious about her own work. He counters by recalling how easily things used to be for him. Now, he feels like nothing comes easy, and he's working his ass off for nothing. She asks him what does come easy. He says his music does, but that it doesn't matter because he doesn't have anyone to listen to it. She tells him to bring a CD over to listen to before the benefit. She also gives him the three grand.

But she's too late. Claudia has already posted Egan's bail. She tells him to apologize for what he does. He promises to make it up to her, but she tells him she's dropping him. She claims it's a shame because he was actually quite good.

Back at the shoot, Marissa gives Sonja a hard time for... well... eating... at all. She gives her crap, too, because she thinks Sonja slept with Franco to get the job. I believe the words "sneaky tart" are used. Yes! She tells Sonja she's not afraid to play dirty and alludes to some shady things she's done to get where she is today. Sonja, to her credit, gives it just as good as she gets it. She demeans Marissa, saying she slept her way to the middle, and tells her to consider herself lucky for making it this far.

Sonja walks off just as the paparazzo walks up. He approaches Marissa to ask what Sonja's been up to the last six months. Marissa spots Sonja's Blackberry on the catering table and hands it over to the pap. He walks off, and Raina walks up wondering what he was asking about. Marissa says he wanted dirt on "her heinous." Heh. Cole approaches to ask the ladies if they're ready for a drink, and Raina politely declines since she's going to help Chris out with his photo shoot. Not so fast, though, because the Versace photographer has requested one more set-up. Raina grimaces and wonders how long it's going to take. Cole tells her that Chris is a big boy and should be able to handle a photo shoot on his own.

Model house. Isaac finds Egan packing up. Egan updates him that Claudia has kicked him out. Isaac wonders what Egan is going to do. They decide that Egan should crash Nina Garcia's party for old times' sake.

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Beautiful Life




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