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Cheap Shots

Way downtown, Chris walks up to a graffiti'd building for his shoot. Just as he looks ready to walk away, a guy walks up some stairs and demands his money even before identifying himself as the photographer. Not the greatest first impression. Because he's a witless Midwesterner (or at least the archetype of one), Chris follows the weirdo down the stairs into the shady apartment. He offers Chris a beer then starts snapping away. Before Chris can even attempt to get comfortable -- and, let's face it, would he ever? -- the guy says he's not feeling it. He grabs a bottle of oil, smears it all over Chris's hair and rips open the fancy new shirt Chris just bought that day with Raina. Chris pushes back a little, but the photographer continues his "Welcome to prison!" ambience shtick, including but not limited to striking Chris over the head with a beer bottle. Chris summons the angry farm boy within, which the photographer decides is just what he was looking for. No matter, though, because Chris has already stormed out.

Over at Raina's apartment, the pap has come to see what she's willing to pay to get her Blackberry-baby picture combo back. She tells him to go to Hell. He tells her it's going to be huge, especially in light of her comeback. She pleads with him to have some decency. He counters that decency doesn't exactly translate to good business sense. She offers him something even bigger.

Nina Garcia party, featuring Nina herself! And in a dress like the starry midnight sky! Vivienne, with Isaac in tow, finds Nina for bisous. Nina immediately tells Isaac to join the guy at the turntables. Vivienne hands over his CD with a smug smile on her face as Nina wonders why she never booked DJ Isaac before. He mumbles that he's been busy and scampers off. Nina deems Isaac "Adorable!" Meanwhile, home girl can actually act. We're talking Emmy contender in comparison with Paris Hilton or Lauren Conrad.

Across the room, Raina is still pouting that she missed Chris's photo shoot. Cole consoles her, saying work should be her priority. As they talk, Claudia tells a photographer to snap pictures of them as the new 'it' couple. She beckons them to meet some VIPs.

But first, Raina spots Alex across the bar. She tells him to stay out of her life, that he's a liar and a criminal just like their father. He tells her that she and he have something in common: they're both trying to reinvent their lives. She promises to call their father tomorrow if he leaves immediately. She also plans to warn Marissa to stay as far away from him as possible.

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Beautiful Life




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