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And speak of the she-devil, Marissa is outside in a white blazer, and she seems to have forgotten her shirt! Nonetheless, she struts into the party with perfect cockiness, stopping only briefly when she sees Egan. He tells her he hates himself for making her look bad in the whole drug deal fiasco. She says the feeling's mutual. He grabs her arms and tells her he was thinking of her the whole time he was locked up. He presents a gold necklace to her. Naturally, she assumes he swiped it from someone, but he says he bought it the first week they met and has been waiting for the right time to give it to her ever since. She doesn't think this is an ideal moment, so he breaks it to her that he was kicked out of the residence and might not see her again for a while. He starts to make a dramatic rom-com exit, and it works like a charm. She plants a kiss on his cheek.

Outside, a group of goons confronts Alex(i).

Back inside, Isaac works the turntables as Claudia and Nina Garcia make googley eyes at Raina and Cole. Behind them, Chris walks in huffing and makes a beeline for Cole. He shoves and accuses him of setting him up with the drunken photographer. Cole thinks he'll change his mind when he sees the proof, but Chris says there won't be any proofs since he was out of that sketchy apartment faster than steam from a tea kettle. Cole brings out his Blackberry to show Chris the photos that launched his career. And, if we're being honest, they look like something in the back pages of the free gay magazine on the corner of Christopher and Bleecker to me, but apparently they're look book gold in this world, so let's just suspend that disbelief. Chris says Cole screwed him by not warning him what he was walking into. Cole counters that Chris screwed himself.

Raina steps up to apologize to Chris for not being there, but Claudia swoops in to introduce her to Nina before they can speak further. Chris gives a hurt look, sad that he is out $500 and alone in this beautiful, beautiful world.

A bit later, Sonja approaches Raina to confront her for giving her Blackberry to the pap. Raina is obviously confused, but Sonja thinks that it had to have been her because she's the only one who knows about her baby. Raina swears that she didn't do anything wrong, but Sonja just stomps off. Sonja finds Marissa to ask whether she was behind Blackberry-gate '09. Marissa easily admits that she was and says it was justified, considering how Sonja has acted since getting back into town. Poor, naïve Raina is heartsick that everyone isn't sweet as peaches and cream.

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