The Supernatural Three's Company

by admin July 26, 2009
Summer Pilot Season: Being Human

A girl is sprawled outside on the ground, while her voice over says that everyone dies. She seems to be narrating from beyond the grave. Then we cut away see soldiers, and she says that a guy named Mitchell (Aidan Turner) should have gone down in a blaze of glory, but instead death smiled at him... and we see an officer baring his fangs. Then there's a dirty looking Mitchell laying on the ground covered in blood, while a raven sits on a chest. His eyes open and they are pitch black. For Mitchell, and all other vampires, death isn't the end. Really? Was this just in case we've never seen anything with vampires in it before? Then we see by a long-haired Mitchell, sporting sunglasses and wander by a war memorial statue. It is broad daylight. He's not bursting into flames and there are no sparkles. I'm confused about this sort of vamp.

Voiceover girl says, "Here we are. Overlooked and forgotten. Unnatural... and supernatural." She's sitting at a wake of some point, desperately trying to talk to her friends and family, but they aren't listening to her. She's a ghost. Her name is Annie (Lenora Crichlow). Then we see Mitchell having sex with a cute girl, and biting her. Annie narrates that this is the only way these odd sorts folks can feel alive. Though Mitchell's clearly got all kinds of issues about killing the aforementioned cute girl. He does broody very well. Very.

Then there's George (Russell Tovey). He should have died, but the howl in the background says that he's a werewolf. A moment later we see him stripped naked, and transforming into his canine state. This does not look as fun as it did in Teen Wolf. In fact, it looks quite painful.

Then we see that it is present day and George is moving in with Mitchell. Annie lives there too. Credits.

The doorbell rings. It's a pizza boy. She desperately chats him up, because she's excited that he could see her. She informs her roomies that normal people are starting to notice her. She's especially thrilled that some guy called her a "slag" when she was taking out the trash earlier. Annie is my kind of girl. She's so delighted by this turn of events that she's going to make tea, but George has had it with the tea. It's all she does. She's used up all the mugs and the tea, and she can't even drink it. George is hella pissed. Don't make him angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry. She likes her routine, because it makes her feel normal. Mitchell wolfs down some pizza, and then says he's off to work and then he's taking care of George, because it is George's time of the month. Annie natters on a bit about how she doesn't miss PMS and biting people's heads off... then realizes that George might actually bite people's heads off and that briefly stops her incessant talking.

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