The Supernatural Three's Company

by Angel Cohn July 26, 2009
Summer Pilot Season: Being Human

The bell rings and George takes charge, and says that they just have to act normal. That there's nothing at all weird about two guys renting a house together. And there isn't, but George acts as if only vampire/werewolf male friends room together. Owen walks in and asks where all the furniture is and George gives a lengthy answer about spirituality and Zen and whatever. Owen had presumed that they were redecorating. Annie makes a noise upstairs. George goes up and tells her to keep it down. She just wants to see Owen, but George thinks the poor guy will die of shock. This gets a big smile from Annie. Aw, a ghost with womanly needs. George puts his foot down.

Downstairs, Mitchell grabs a beer and brings up the leaky faucets. Owen says that he's glad that they two of them had stayed, because previous folks had heard about "what happened" and got wigged out. Mitchell nods, but wants more details. Owen says that he and Annie had just moved in, and it was dark, and he was working on the wiring, and she fell from the top of the stairs. Mitchell asks what Annie was like, he says she was kind and funny, and he has a cute smile when he talks about her. Mitchell believes that people leave echoes in the house and that they feel Annie's echo and like it. That came out less pervy when he said it. George comes back down and says that the noise was a pigeon, that he promptly killed with a shoe. This prompts Owen to leave, and Mitchell to tell George that he's a freaking spaz. Annie comes down and looks at the half-empty beer bottle. She's crying and picks it up to feel closer to him.

We see a police officer at the hospital doing magic tricks and entertaining the crowd. It's Herrick, he's Seth's bigwig friend, and the creepy soldier/devil who turned Mitchell. Mitchell reiterates that people should not be attacked on their deathbeds. Herrick says that Seth is an idiot, and that wasn't what he was supposed to be doing, but then wonders aloud what would happen if people knew they existed, and had a choice of whether to sacrifice themselves. Herrick goes off to get a hot chocolate from the cafeteria counter, and the helpful staffer answers all his questions about the patients that come through there, he seems to be doing a bit of a glamour, but he insists it is just manners. Mitchell wants to know what happens, "mass conversion?" Herrick says no, but it isn't out of the question. After all, Mitchell seemed happy enough to go along with him. Mitchell says that was to save his fellow soldiers. Herrick teases him about being tortured with immortality. Herrick firmly believes that if they offered immortality for parents with sick kids that they'd be thrilled. Mitchell's not really sold, but he's suspicious of why Herrick wants his help so badly. Herrick thinks that they used to make a good team, and people like him, but he doesn't understand why Mitchell gave up drinking humans. It's against his nature. Herrick warns him that everything is about to change and that there's a war coming, and Mitchell needs to pick his side carefully.

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