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by admin July 26, 2009
Summer Pilot Season: Being Human

At the hospital, George is doing his job and stops to talk to another nurse. She lets him know that Becca took off on a date with Mitchell, but she didn't catch where. Because she seems to be the only person at this hospital actually concerned with doing her job.

We then see Becca and Mitchell on a date... that looks actually quite normal on the surface. They are chatting and talking about exes and whatever. She asks him how he's doing with his quit-smoking pledge, but he says that he's not sure he can completely quit. He doesn't think that there's any point in trying to fight it. He'll always be... a smoker. George runs around aimlessly looking for them. Becca brazenly invites Mitchell back to the apartment, but then Lauren walks in and plops herself down. Awkward. She starts telling Becca that she went on one date with Mitchell, and Becca thinks that Lauren looks familiar. Lauren is trying to stir up shit, but Mitchell isn't having it at all and drags her out of there. She's mostly pissed off that he left her alone after he turned her. He wants to know what Herrick has to do with this. She says nothing, she's just angry as all hell. She feels like an orphan. He tells her they should run away. He'll save her and show her everything she needs to know about living under the radar. Vampire lessons. Sweet. He wants to save her, but she just wants to kill. She likes to murder people. A lot. Kids, even. He walks away from her and heads back into the restaurant. He tells Becca that he's going to head home, it is for the best. She wants to know what she did wrong. He uses the "it's not you, it's me," and she's not buying it. She runs off, embarrassed.

Out in the alley, George spots Lauren. She throws him down and he sees Becca bleeding from her neck. Mitchell hears the screams and runs outside. George is holding a bloody Becca, Lauren tells Mitchell to save her, and Mitchell looks conflicted. All that inner turmoil. He says he can't do it to someone else. Lauren says it is all Mitchell's fault for turning her into a monster, and George and Mitchell just start weeping.

At the hospital, George looks pissed, and says that the police will connect it all soon enough and they'll all be in trouble. Mitchell says that the Vampire underground will take care of it all. Helpful! They walk out of the hospital and he sees Herrick, the vampire overlord wants a decision. Mitchell says he chooses "them." The them in this case seems to be humans? Or his roommates? Hard to say. Herrick says that's a pity and he'll be seeing him. Then Seth tosses in an "and your little dog" just for fun.

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