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Rat Vs. Banana

Time to reveal the scores. Jessie has 26 points, plus a $2500 cash prize he kept, and the contents of his envelope add five points, for a total of 31. Playing it straight, Jordan only got 24 points, so she's out. Jeff's score is 27, but his envelope contains negative five, so he's got even fewer points than Jordan. So much for protecting her. Chima, who said her strategy was to "stay clean," racked up 25 points. Casey reveals the margarita party he won for everyone. Jessie DRs, "GAME OVER!" That's 22 points to Casey, plus a glimpse at the top of a prize card that he at first thinks reads "Bahamas." But no, Casey will be wearing a banana suit for a week. "Wah, wah, waaaa," says the muted trumpet as Casey sulks in the DR and wishes he'd won a piƱa colada party instead. The last player, Michele, has 28 points, but she's still got an envelope coming. So she scored 7 points, beating Jessie out for the PoV. "Fine," Jessie quietly assures everyone. Michele is the most excited poo-covered person I've ever seen, especially when she swings face-first back into the mud on her way to get the PoV medal.

Big Brother summons Casey to the DR to collect his banana suit, which comes complete with a big pointed hood. It's much less dignified than the red unitard that's gotten so much mileage over the past few seasons. Even smoking doesn't make it look cooler.

Jessie offers Michele the courtesy of suggesting her replacement nominee as the PoV winner, which is just going to piss her off when he does what he wants anyway. Jessie does let slip that he had someone else in mind as a replacement nominee, which by process of elimination Michele is able to narrow down to Casey. She DRs that she'll be going after Jessie when the time comes.

Kevin and Lydia sit up in the HoH room talking shit about Jessie and Natalie, who are downstairs on Natalie's twin bed. Kevin suggests rebelling against them by saving Casey, and then using the excuse that they wanted to keep their clique whole to increase their chances of winning HoH.

Lydia and Michele quietly discuss Jessie's plan to put up Casey instead of Ronnie. They call Jordan over and let her into the loop as well, with Lydia adding, "I'm going to kill Natalie and Jessie if that happens." Jordan goes straight to Jeff, who's pissed to hear it.

So who gets to tell Casey? Jeff. Out in the backyard, Jeff tells his banana-suited ally what's going on, and Casey doesn't get it at all. He gets right up to go confront Jessie.

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