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A Day Late And A Spine Short

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A Day Late And A Spine Short

You know, satisfying seasons of reality shows are partially about comeuppance, and there's clearly not going to be any for these two this season. Daniele's probably going to win -- we all knew weeks ago, and if you ask me, production has been pretty determined to bring about that Dick/Daniele F2, which is why Dick was allowed to be violent and threatening to an unprecedented degree without getting booted. This F2 I'm guessing we're going to see has been force-fed to us, in my view, and it means there's no satisfaction in the traditional plot sense, but...fortunately, it doesn't really matter. When you're a person like Dick or Daniele, you are your own comeuppance. Everybody wants to see assholes punished, but when you're this tragically lacking in self-awareness, your life is your punishment. You're not really getting away with anything. Dick's punishment is being Dick, and Daniele's punishment is turning into him. Dick with money is still Dick. Daniele with money is still Daniele. "You win money, but you have to know. You." Not a good deal, that.

Anyway, the F4 continue to gloat and squeak and enjoy the house. The memory wall has been transformed so that it shows pictures of various competitions that have happened this summer, and the pictures are going to be part of the HoH competition. Naturally, everyone stands around studying the pictures. This is the HoH competition, you'll recall, that has very limited meaning, because all it really does is grant immunity to the person who wins. They don't really make any decisions about who goes home, because the person who wins the final PoV has all the power. That final PoV winner evicts the fourth-place finisher single-handedly. The HoH's original nominations are literally totally meaningless, in terms of the structure of the game. You'll want to keep that in mind.

Competition. Questions about the pictures on the memory wall. Jameka falls back fairly early, leaving it as a contest between Zach and Daniele. And the winner is...Zach, who takes it in a tiebreaker victory. When Dick looks and sees that Daniele's answer loses to Zach's, his face falls, and that one moment of disappointment for him is the one part of this episode that I enjoyed. Daniele is the absolute worst sport ever, throwing her answer board down on the ground in disgust when she loses. She heads inside and pouts, but Dick DRs that it doesn't make a damn bit of difference to him and Daniele, since they can just boot Jameka. He hasn't figured out that it doesn't make a damn bit of difference doesn't make a damn bit of difference. In her room, Daniele continues her pity party, having been given every single outrageous advantage in the game, including being sent into the house with a blood relative determined to kiss her ass, and still managing to feel sorry for herself. Dick tells her that they're just going to boot Jameka. All they have to do is make sure Jameka doesn't win PoV. Daniele, under her "Happy Birthday" sign, continues moping and whining, because seriously, y'all, that girl is spoiled like month-old ham.

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