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A Day Late And A Spine Short

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A Day Late And A Spine Short

Daniele pays Zach a visit in his HoH room and asks him if he's putting up her and her dad. She is very anxious, despite the fact that (as stated!) it makes absolutely literally no difference whom he puts up at this point. None. Zero. If somebody other than Zach wins veto, that person sends someone home. If Zach wins veto, he makes his real decision about nominations then. Doesn't matter. Anyway, Zach isn't really following the script Daniele has in mind, where she blinks and flirts and he huh-huh-huhs and guarantees her that he's nominating someone and Jameka. Instead, he tells her that he's aware that neither she nor her dad will take Zach to F2. Daniele imperiously lectures Zach that it wouldn't do him any good to be taken to F2, because obviously, her dad would win against anyone, because it's so obvious that he played the best game. Oh, Daniele. She goes on to tell Zach, loosely paraphrased, that everyone hates him and he has no chance of winning anyway. I have no idea what she's trying to accomplish. All she's doing is alienating him. When she tries to claim that she and her dad have been his only friends, Zach tells her that everyone including them excluded him socially for the entire first part of his stay (you'll remember that this is entirely true), so...he's not sure what she's getting at either.

In the DR, Daniele laughs hysterically at how Zach could ever imagine that he could ever possibly win against anyone. Because she and her dad are so beloved by...whom, on the jury, exactly? Dustin, whom her father tortured? Jen, whom her father tortured and she backstabbed? Eric and Jessica, whom she and Daddy both just got through snaking? Amber? Where are all these determined votes going to come from? Daniele seems not to realize that if Zach made it to F2, the vote wouldn't be "Zach" versus "I would rather not see Zach win." The vote would be "Zach" versus, for instance, "violent homophobe." People choose between unattractive options. Daniele goes to her dad and says she thinks Zach is putting her and Dick up, again demonstrating that she is far too stupid to realize that it doesn't matter whom Zach puts up at this point. The fact that she and Dick are so agitated proves, by definition, that whatever got Dick and Daniele to this point, it ain't brains, since they can't even follow the sequence to its logical conclusion.

Dick goes and confronts Zach, trying to get him not to meaninglessly put up Dick and Daniele. Zach tells Dick that at F4, you do what's right for yourself. Dick goes for the threatening thing again, trying to menace Zach about what will happen to him if he nominates Dick and Daniele. This is completely idiotic, since at this point, no matter what Zach does, Dick and Daniele are in the same position, which is that for both of them to stay in the game, either (1) one of them has to win veto; or (2) Zach has to win veto and choose at that time to put up (or keep up) Jameka for the other Donato to vote out. What he does now is not part of it.

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