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A Day Late And A Spine Short

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A Day Late And A Spine Short

Dick and Daniele smirk their way through Zach's nomination ceremony, in which he thanks Dick and Daniele for being his friends and Jameka for restoring his faith in God. Wow. So now, far too late for it to help him, Zach is nominating Dick and Daniele. Dick goes all blustery and smug about how this won't work. Zach remains calm, explaining that they're nominated because they've been strong. To Dick, he says, "Your tactics are awful. I don't like them, but they work." Seriously, having someone sane look at Dick and say, "Your tactics are awful"? That helped me a tiny bit. As for Daniele, he says she's too strong in competitions. Zach says maybe he can't win against anyone, but he finds their domination "unfair" (okay, that part is dumb). He also annoyingly remarks that "nobody had the stones" to get them out, and they laugh in his face as he says he's going to try.

And that is the story of The Boy Whose Testicles Arrived Too Late.

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