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A Jacobean Revenge Tragedy

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A Jacobean Revenge Tragedy

Chelsia is in the lead with the most blocks, but she falls off, so she's out. With an hour and a half done, it's down to James and Joshuah. Ryan hopes that Joshuah will win it and take him off the block, which seems about as likely as Matt giving Natalie daily massages. It's moot, however, because James wins it. "That's what you call a clean fucking sweep!" he crows. Ryan looks forward to "another week of hell." Yeah, I'm looking forward to about eight.

After the PoV competition, Sheila talks to Matt, Natalie, and Sharon about voting to keep her, and gets pissed off when Natalie says she'll have to think about it. Sheila goes to complain to Adam about Natalie's soft support, and he's typically noncommittal with her. She acts all offended and shocked that nobody has her back. Seriously, you guys, you came into this house to protect Sheila, right? Otherwise, what are you here for?

James plays pool with Matt and Adam, but he still doesn't know which one of them is lying to him about voting to keep him out after last week's eviction of him. Which is weird, because I thought they'd resolved this during Sunday's episode. I guess not.

Sheila makes a move with James, bitching to him in rather crude terms about Adam. James agrees with Sheila, because he's still got a pair of suspects. "Maybe one of them will leave because of it," James says.

James goes and wakes up Adam to summon him to the HoH room. James sits there with his hood of his sweatshirt up all Emperor Palpatine (the effect somewhat ruined by the cargo shorts he's wearing) as he tells Adam that people are throwing him under the bus. As for James, he's still not convinced that Adam wasn't the third vote. Adam protests so fervently that James is unconvinced, failing to take into account the fact that Adam always talks like that.

Next morning, James quietly tells Joshuah that he's planning to use the Veto, although he's not saying who his replacement nominee will be. When Chelsia comes out of the bathroom, he takes her out to the back yard to tell her that he's going to put Adam up for not voting him back in, but also for strategic purposes. Sure it's strategic. "I wish I could just fucking evict everyone," he adds, because he is four.

James and Chelsia head up to the HoH room to discuss possible scenarios: take Ryan off or Sheila off before nominating Adam? Fortunately, he decides to talk to Sheila first, to make sure he has her vote if he backdoors Adam. Using the guinea pig cage as a pretext, Chelsia "secretly" sends Sharon up to see James, and she makes a big show of pretending to go up there just to use the HoH bathroom. She sits down with James, and the idiot goes into this whole long preamble about how he's going to blow everyone's mind with what he plans to do at the most dramatic PoV ceremony ever! A bored, Sharon drones, "Well, you know Matt was the third vote to get you out of here." So now James is the one who's blown away, especially when he hears that Natalie is claiming to everyone that Matt was innocent of that vote. So James decides to take Sheila off the block and put up Matt with Ryan.

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