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A Jacobean Revenge Tragedy

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A Jacobean Revenge Tragedy

When Chelsia returns, James tells her his new plan, which she says will make Natalie crazy. James remembers the deal with Natalie, but since Matt's been lying to him, "screw him." Chelsia looks like she has her doubts about James's plan. As usual.

Veto ceremony. Ryan feels defeated, and Sheila is her typical aggrieved/entitled self. James gives Sheila and Ryan a chance to speak for themselves before he announces his decision. Sheila says she's "protected people," and has now realized she needs to be in the game for herself. So let her stick around and do that, won't you? Ryan claims that he's tried to be honest, and he wants to stay. With that out of the way, James says that he's decided to Veto Sheila, who breaks down in tears as James gives her the medallion. He says that he nominated Ryan and is keeping him on the block to "return the favor." As for the replacement nominee? He names Matt. Only he doesn't say anything about Matt being the third vote; he just says he's decided to break up Natalie's alliance with Matt. I see James is still playing his cards close to his idiotic string-tie tattoo.

"He wins," Matt DRs, actually sniffling. Ryan feels better about his chances for surviving another week, since the only player people want out more than him is Matt. And Natalie is pissed. "God will avenge me!" she vows in the DR. But will He give her a massage? Sheila gushes about "what type of person James is," because to Sheila, the best "type of person" is the type who does nice things for Sheila. Until the next time that type of person pisses her off. James gloats in the DR that he's getting his revenge, and he'll be happy about whichever one of them goes. That makes two of us, but then that's true for me every week.

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