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The Return Of…

Andy references her speech about good and evil, and says that while he thinks she's good, other people who can kick his ass don't. Though not in so many words. McCrae says Helen had to go for coming after his queen (as in chess, not just in a gross smurfy way), and Amanda says she's known for weeks that Helen was after her. Elissa simpers about how she'll miss Helen, and now Helen is crying for real. Julie asks Helen what she'd do differently, if given a second chance, and Helen readily says that she shouldn't have gotten rid of Howard, and should have evicted Amanda the first time she was nominated by the MVP. Rather than reacting to that, Julie tells Helen that she'll have a chance to get back in tonight. Helen chair-dances excitedly, but asks if she gets food before the challenge after a week of being a Have-Not. Well, of course not, Helen.

Before they compete, though, we get a look inside the jury house for the first time. Of course Candice showed up there two weeks ago, quickly followed by Judd, sans his grizzly bear shirt. Judd tells Candice that he never saw it coming. Yeah, no one did. Then a week later, Jessie showed up, and this is Judd's first chance to understand what happened to him. Poor jerk has been sitting and playing cards with Candice for a week still never knowing what hit him. Jessie explains how Amanda decided Judd was MVP and started gunning for him, and boasts about how she did her best to mess up Helen and Elissa's game before leaving. Which I have to admit that she succeeded at, at least partially.

On some other day, they find a breakfast buffet laid out with a note telling them that one of the four jurors will be going back into the house. Judd and Jessie both talk about what they're going to do to Helen and Amanda when they get back into the house, most of which will no longer be relevant by that time. Candice is mostly after GinaMarie for her own personal reasons. But what about Aaryn?

Then we cut back to the studio, where Candice, Judd (back in his grizzly bear shirt), Jessie, and Helen are waiting to compete. Julie tells them that the other houseguests have no idea what's about to happen. I'm sure they suspect something's up, given that it's been twenty minutes since Helen walked out and nobody's said boo to them. But that changes as Julie gets on the living room viewscreen and summons the seven people still in the house to appear before her. And that's when Julie tells them that the four jurors are about to compete to return to the game. Oddly, everyone reacts like it's going to be Helen -- Elissa excited, and everyone else terrified. The doorbell rings, and in walk the four jurors. There are joyous reunions all around, or at least a lot of fake joy. I'm starting to worry that the show didn't build in enough time for hugging. Julie lets it go on for quite a while before shooing them out to the backyard. Lets' just hope Elissa's screaming didn't blow out anyone's body mic.

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