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Are You a Man or a Mongoose?

Ronnie, Jessie, and Natalie discuss the mystery power, and Ronnie actually thinks he has a shot at getting America to give it to him. The evil music doesn't seem to be on board with that. Also, Ronnie, miming a Jedi with a lightsaber in the DR is not going to get anyone on your side.

The highlight of Russell's HoH room tour is of course the letter from his dad, and an emotional Russell immediately takes his dad's philosophical advice to heart, thanking Jeff for the HoH win. Afterwards, Jeff and Russell have a meeting in the HoH room where they not only give each other props, but decide to pair up in a secret alliance. Wow, with Russell's physical strength and Jeff's physical strength, nobody would be able to stop them! Except Jessie, of course, who has more physical strength, and all the other people who have other attributes besides physical strength. Yeah, they're wise to keep this alliance secret, if only to prevent people from laughing at them. [I can't wait to hear what kind of stupid name they give themselves. -- Angel]

Big Brother has everyone locked out in the backyard, and when they're allowed in, they discover the Have-Not food for the week that they get to enjoy along with the slop: squash and squid, which is actually stinking up the whole kitchen. It's pretty gross, and Jessie takes it about as maturely as you would expect. Protein and vegetables? What's he bitching about?

Lydia makes her approach to Russell, and starts off in her standard mode of sucking up, telling him he became so much sweeter once she saw his HoH room and got a better idea of who he was. He doesn't take it as a compliment, though, so oops. Then she moves on to claim that Jessie and Natalie have been talking shit about Russell. After she leaves, up come Jessie, Natalie, and Chima, and Russell tells them that Lydia said all three of them after him. They obviously don't take it well, and talk some shit right back about Lydia. At least everyone's being mature about it.

Then it's Ronnie's turn, and he privately tells Russell that a lot of people were after him to backdoor Russell when he was HoH, but he "never wavered." Except right at the end there, when he decided not to backdoor Russell like he'd been telling us he was intending to do all along. Russell asks for Ronnie's suggestions, and they discuss nominating Kevin and Lydia, for "floating." Honestly, there is no safe strategy in this house. You can have people come after you for going after people, not going after people, being unlikable, being too likable, being bad at competitions, or being good at competitions. I think the only way to survive in this house is to know how to deal with unstable morons. On that note, Russell tells Ronnie that he's safe.

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