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A-Balling Things Up

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A-Balling Things Up

When did Evel Dick show up? Day 44. Sharon's the only one to get it wrong, leaving Adam and Ryan to discuss how this is going to end. The final question is about the James-containing mystery box, which arrived on day 35. Adam lets Ryan get there first with 35, and guesses 34, so Ryan wins the PoV.

In the house, a bedraggled Natalie and Sheila quietly but emotionally celebrate their alliance's win. To Natalie, it means that Matt's going to get his birthday gift now. Sharing a house with James? Worst gift ever. Ryan comes in and they all do a little dance. Sheila thanks Ryan, which may be a bit premature given his secret alliance with Sharon.

Speaking of whom, Sharon and Sheila sit and talk about James, and Sharon informs Sheila that James told her Natalie wants to work with him. Sheila's not happy to hear it. Slick move, Sharon, quietly working the cracks in that alliance. And no, that's not a knock on Sheila's complexion.

So later, Sheila goes to Ryan to promise not to ever put him up, as if she's a power player around here. Ryan trusts Sheila, even if he doesn't say that it's mainly because if we lived in a world where Sheila could win HoH, so many other things would have to be different as to make this hypothetical scenario utterly meaningless. He admits, however, that he doesn't have the same faith in Natalie.

Late at night, James flat-out begs Ryan not to use the Veto. Ryan won't say anything, other than that James is a big threat. "So is Natalie," James points out, squarely hitting Ryan's biggest button right now. Ryan asks if Natalie has been trying to make deals with him. James exaggerates what Natalie offered him, and Ryan decides that he can't trust Natalie. But James? Well, James might just be Ryan's new secret ally. Funny how Ryan complains about Natalie playing both sides when Ryan himself goes through secret allies as though they're rocket stages. The upshot is that they talk about leaving the nominations alone, keeping Sharon, and making it three (Sharon, Ryan, and James) against two (Adam and Natalie). Writing this in real time, I'm being careful to recall that Ryan is really good at spending third acts seeming to listen to people who are trying to change his mind.

After the ads, Ryan talks about his upcoming Veto meeting and what a big decision it represents. At the meeting, Sheila goes first and asks for a chance to prove that she can play "a stronger game." She would also like to prove that she can phase through walls and metabolize ammonia, but she doesn't mention those things. When Sharon's turn comes, she says Ryan should do what he wants. She doesn't even wink at him or obliquely mention their secret alliance. After some suspenseful pausing, Ryan announces that using the PoV! On...Sheila. Just like he was supposed to. And Adam names his replacement nominee...which is...James. Adam makes sure to tell everyone how bad he feels about it. When Adam sits down, James makes a speech in which he claims to be fine with this. He's not crying, so we can only take him at his word. He also tells everyone not to blame Adam for his nomination choices, and that while Ryan's veto decision was a smart move, he would like to remind Ryan that his "allies" did vote Ryan out, back on Day 28.

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