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So Jen eventually drops, and then Daniele promises Kail that if she drops, she won't go home. She'll go up as a pawn, again, which is hilarious, and Kail is freaking out about it, even as she voluntarily jumps down. So Daniele wins. Bleh. Then she spends the next hour and a half crying to her dad about having to vote Nick out. Kail DRs that she guesses she'll just have to be a professional "on the block person." If only there were a more succinct term for someone who's nominated for things. Back to Daniele's meltdown, though, as she is furious at the second vote for Kail, because it means there could have been the votes present to save Nick after all. And you know, that's on Dick and Daniele for not pursuing that avenue more thoroughly. She's got no one else to blame for that but herself. But in the proud tradition of people who have no one to blame but themselves, she's going to try her damnedest to put the blame on someone else anyway. And thanks to the banner, that's either Eric or Amber. She corners Amber and blubbers to her that someone is "obviously" trying to set her up by casting the phantom vote. Amber can only assure her it wasn't her and get further freaked out by being in the presence of someone crying harder than she is.

After Daniele leaves the Wee Room, Amber, Eric, Jameka, and Dustin puzzle over who could have cast that vote. Eric tries to hang his hat on being the most gung-ho anti-Nick vote there was, which he thinks puts logic on his side. Of course, that's going to backfire on him right quick because (a) the Donatos are not so big on logic, and (b) Daniele's playing for The Ghost Of Nick now, so selling himself as the architect of Nick's undoing will only make things worse for him.

Later, Daniele gets to show off her HoH room. Therein we find the much-ballyhooed pics of her and Chris. In the DR, Dustin raises one heroic eyebrow and practically snorts, "Oh yeah, she's got that boyfriend of two and a half years. But whatever, he's cute." In the DR, Dick gets choked up about seeing a pic of his mother, who he figures is so happy watching the show and seeing him and Daniele get closer and closer. Well, between the infidelity and the verbal abuse, I'm sure she's busting her buttons over the two of you.

And now: Strategy, by Dick and Daniele. It gets really weird, because here's the thing: Daniele is now positive that the phantom votes the past two weeks have been cast by Eric, which means she's 100% on the money. But her reasoning is almost laughably inaccurate. Which, I mean, she's not going to guess that Eric is playing by the fucked-up whims of the viewing public, so she's bound to get it wrong, but she's so wrong and yet so proud of herself for coming to these whack-ass conclusions that it's funny. First of all, she thinks Eric was "leaking" information out of the LNC, which: (a) what was there to leak? The super-secret We Hate Jen ignition codes? And (b) Your dad is the one who blabs everything to everyone else before it even gets a chance to become a secret, Cheaty Amin. She also says it's obviously Eric because he's the last person you'd suspect. Ahh, the ol' Not-ccam's Razor, eh? She also says Nick would have revealed Eric as the culprit had he not been evicted, which: think about that for three seconds and commence laughter. So not surprisingly, this is all an elaborate way for Daniele to wreak vengeance on everybody for voting off her house boyfriend. All shall pay!

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