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In the dining room, Eric lamely tries to convince Dick that he wasn't the phantom vote, though he does touch on the one thing I'm surprised has been so easily discounted: why is everyone so quick to believe the vote wasn't Jen's? I mean, beyond the fact that it wasn't, what about Jen tells you that she wouldn't be likely to throw a random contrarian vote into the mix just to fuck with everyone's (and especially Dick's) heads. But Dick will hear none of it. Eric super-nervously tries, once again, to sell his "I wanted Nick gone more than anybody, so clearly it could not have been me!" argument, which: digging his own grave.

Outside, the rageful guitars of Dick Has Anger Issues kick in, and Dick paces around the patio, cursing Eric for being a sneaky bitch. In the DR, Dick lays out what he and Daniele believe to be Eric's master plan: the first vote (for Kail, not Mike) was to set Nick up so he'd be the next target; the second vote (for Kail, not Nick) was to set Daniele up in the same way. You know, not to give Dick any credit, but if that had been Eric's actual plan, it wouldn't have been a bad one. Except for the part where he's kind of fucked now. Dick paces and repeats "I knew it!" over and over. No you didn't! You wanted Nick gone so he wouldn't end up fucking your daughter on national TV! And you kept telling Eric you liked the way his mind worked! I know, I know. Newsflash: Dick is full of bullshit.

D&D pulls Jessica into the HoH room and tell her their theory. When Jessica asks the obvious question (why the hell would Eric do that?), Daniele gets all excited and squeaks, "Because he's been aligned with Kail since Week One!" HA HA HA HA! Oh, awesome, Daniele. Brilliant. Oh that sneaky Eric/Kail alliance. Anyway, they get Jessica to promise to veto one of Daniele's nominees, should she win, so Daniele would be able to back-door Eric. Jessica says she's have no problem with that. Later, Jessica pulls Eric aside and tells him D&D think he's the one who cast the phantom votes, and she also clues him in about the back-door plans. Eric is "livid," per his DR session. He's pissed that he's been nothing but nice to D&D and now they're targeting him. You'd think, being America's Player and knowing he'd have to lie to everyone as a matter of course, Eric would take their jumping to erroneous conclusions with a smidge of good humor, particularly since their erroneous conclusion accidentally ended up being the correct one. Eric's really coming off poorly this week, though I do cut him some slack for having his game fucked up by a banner-flying Nick fan.

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