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Boring-ass nomination ceremony. We're not even made privy to Daniele's innermost thoughts while she struggles with her decision. Which is just as well, since listening to a hollow breeze compete with a looping monologue of "Nick...Nick...Nick...Nick..." would probably be even more boring. So the giant wheel of destiny is brought out, keys are removed, and lo and behold, Jen and Kail are nominated. Again. Expect The Totally Expected! Everyone applauds Kail and Jen for being thrice nominated. Dick tries to make Jen feel like shit for this, but she's like, "What? I think it's cool." Hee. She's wearing a sleeping mask on the top of her head, which makes it all the more sublimely awesome. Daniele lies to Kail that they all think she's a threat. Then she tells Jen that she's nominated because she has taken things to a personal level "with people other than myself." Oh, totally. Jen's nominated because she called everyone else out for cheating on their boyfriends of two-and-a-half years. Good for Daniele for standing up to that.

Jen DRs all, "Hello! Doesn't bother me! And I win the veto every week anyway!" Daniele smugs outrageously in the DR about her super-secret back-door plan that will rock the house to its foundations. Was it similar to Nick's back-door plans that would rock your relationship to its foundations? Someone's getting fucked in either case.

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