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In the storeroom, Hayden talks about the plan to Lane, who Lane has his own idea to put up Kathy and get rid of Annie later. Hayden tries to make up is mind. Man, it's tough being in the strongest alliance in Big Brother history.

Everyone is outside, talking about the conspicuous absence of the saboteur. Speak of the devil -- the scrambled figure appears on the big screen and everyone gathers in the living room to hear its latest message. The saboteur breaks this news: "Two of you are actually lifelong friends. And if you think about it, it's actually quite easy to figure out." Which means nobody will figure it out. The screen goes blank, and everyone looks at each other suspiciously. Brendon draws further suspicion on himself by suggesting that the saboteur is simply lying. Which he wouldn't say if he were the saboteur, but he would if he were lifelong friends with someone else in the house. Britney thinks it's Brendon and Kristen (and it seems to me like it's probably Kristen and someone, because she's been practically invisible), but Kristen DRs that she thinks it's Matt and Annie. Andrew, always the wild card, thinks it's Matt and Ragan and they're actually in a relationship (even though we know Matt is married to a woman). Out of nowhere, Andrew suddenly stands up and freaks out, saying none of them are his friends. And why? "Nobody knows anything about Judaism, except maybe him," he says, pointing to Ragan. What? Not helping yourself, Andrew. Hayden wonders if Kathy is Britney's mom (they are both blonde and from Arkansas) or if it's Andrew and Kristen, because they're "so different." That's certainly a solid theory. "I have no clue what's going on," he sums up. Which is not news, but it's accurate. My theory: the saboteur is one of the nominees and likely evicted this week, which means Big Brother is scrambling for another twist that won't fizzle out in three episodes.

Brendon DRs about how it's hard for him to take himself off the black and leave Rachel behind, but it's what he's got to do. Kathy says she "desperately" doesn't want to go. Annie accuses Britney of stirring the pot" "I don't trust that girl with a ten foot pole," she DRs. Are we sure Annie isn't the chemist? She sure has a knack for mixing metaphors.

Brendon convenes the veto meeting, and gives Rachel a chance to explain why he should save her, just to go through the motions. Rachel tells him to do what he has to do. Brendon acts like he's about to surprise everyone, but then toolishly says he's decided to use the veto on "myself!!" Nobody laughs. Now it's up to Hayden to choose a replacement nominee. And its...Annie. She goes and sits next to Rachel, and deflects Hayden's apology, making a remark about "lies" and "webs...Britney." The meeting ends. How'd that play with Annie work out for you there, Britney?

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