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Annie DRs about being pissed, but says she isn't going anywhere. And she totally blames Britney, which is the one thing the Brigade has done right so far. Or, more accurately, the one thing they've done less wrong than someone else, namely Britney. "I'm tired of that stupid skank," Britney DRs. "Now I get off scotch-free [sic] because now everybody knows that Annie is completely loony." Well, Britney might have a point there. Now we're in familiar Big Brother territory, where people are hating each other for the wrong reasons. Which is not to say they shouldn't hate each other, because they should. It's only the reasons for the hating that I question.

Rachel blares that she's happy for Brendon, and all they have to do is "fight so I can stay in the house." Hayden says either Annie or Rachel needs to go -- which I think not even the Brigade could screw up at this stage -- and that all that matters is keeping the Brigade secret and strong. Um, okay.

Tomorrow (meaning tonight, by the time you read this), there'll be an eviction, and we'll learn the identity of the saboteur. Live! Damn you, live!

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