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"The Amazing Enzo" explains the rules. It's all about counting, to nobody's surprise, but with the added wrinkle that you get to "stay" or "fold" when everyone reveals their guesses. The person closest to the right answer who stayed wins a point, but the person with the guess that's the farthest off gets eliminated. The first person to score three points wins PoV. After everyone DRs about why they want to win, Enzo asks how many fortune cookies are in a giant bowl, compared to a nearby bowl of 25. Everyone reveals their guesses, and only Matt and Lane didn't fold, so they're up against each other for this round. Meaning one of them is out, and it's Lane. Smooth move, Brigade, but at least Matt has scored the first point in the game. Somehow the Brigade fails to hail this as a major victory.

During the next question, which is about candles, Rachel DRs that her strategy is to stay in without knocking out Brendon. What else is new? She, Matt, and Andrew stick with their guesses, but Andrew earns that point and Matt's out. "I don't know what's going to happen," Matt DRs unhappily. What, you didn't orchestrate this? Now it's the two nominees versus the showmance. The next question is about the length of a black spiral on a turning wheel. Rachel throws the point, so this round is down to Brendon and Kathy. Kathy's out.

Then they have to guess how many "tarrot" (that's Enzo's pronunciation of "tarot") cards are in a house built from them. Brendon and Rachel both fold, giving Andrew a second point by default. Hayden thinks this means Brendon is about to get backdoored. Keep hope alive, Hayden.

For the last question, they have to guess how many ounces of "magic potion" (actually some bubbling yellow crap) are in a bowl. Rachel and Andrew fold, giving Brendon the point by default and putting him and Andrew each one point away from the win. For the last question, they have to guess how many eyeballs are in a glass. All three players stay with their guesses, but we're not going to find out who was closest until after the ads.

When we come back, we learn that Brendon's guess was the closest, even though Andrew was the one who stuck his whole arm in there before the competition. Brendon triumphantly holds up his little PoV medal in the DR and announces, "This house is being taken over by Brenchel." Okay, that's a declaration of war. With me.

"Matt, you idiot!" Hayden DRs. Lane calls Brendon a "PoV MVP," and says he hopes he doesn't "clone hisself."

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