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Brendon and Rachel make out briefly before saying they have to make sure Andrew stays. And make out. And talk about Andrew. And make out. Andrew really is the third member of this showmance. Except he's pouting in the Have-Not dump right now and not making out with anyone.

Matt and Enzo do a quick post-mortem, which is more like a lot of post moaning. Enzo DRs that Matt isn't the brains any more. "He's just a gremlin now." All Matt can say is they're due for a break. The ads oblige.

Andrew chats with Matt in the HoH room, and Matt assures Andrew that he wants to keep him, but he wants the vote to be 4-4 so Matt can cast the tiebreaker. Why Andrew doesn't just hit Matt right now is beyond me. Matt admits that he made a mistake, and wants to win Andrew's trust. So arranging for Andrew to be one vote away from eviction is Matt's way of doing that? I don't think "trust" means what Matt thinks it means. Andrew still doesn't get it: "Everything that Matt has tried to do has blown up in his face." So the last thing Andrew wants is for Matt to go campaign for him. Which is probably the smartest thing Andrew's said all season.

That night, in the Have-Not dump, Andrew quietly makes a deal with Brendon in the dark: he's going to put on a little show so nobody knows they're together, but Rachel can't know. Brendon agrees to this for some reason, even though it makes him nervous. As it should. Everything even tangentially associated with Andrew should be nervous, including the science of podiatry.

Pre-PoV, Brendon says that he doesn't want to see either Kathy or Andrew go home, but if he saves either one of him, Rachel could get backdoored. And not by him, waka waka waka! Kathy's praying for a miracle, and Andrew DRs that he's taking matters into his own hands, because he's got nothing else to lose. Which is when you want Andrew handling your shit, after all. Except for how Andrew has anywhere from five to nine votes to lose, if you count the potential tiebreaker.

Brendon calls the Veto meeting and puts Kathy and Andrew through the charade of pleading their case. Kathy says she doesn't need it, "but thank you for asking." Andrew congratulates Brendon, and talks about what went on between Brendon/Rachel and Matt last week, where they went after each other but all emerged unscathed. "So I'm gonna try that strategy. Brendon and Rachel, I'm coming after you. And Brendon, I would like you to give me the Power of Veto and save me." Everybody looks around in confusion, while Rachel stares at Andrew with obvious suspicion. She really may not be as dumb as she looks. Brendon, of course, is not using the Veto, and he ends the meeting.

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