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We flash back to Day 32, when Ian, still in his dog costume, proposed starting the Quack Pack with Dan, Danielle, Shane, and Britney. And look, three of them are still here. Dan hearkens even further back to Day 1, when he and the other coaches first showed up for the first time. Man, the guys' hair was so much shorter at the beginning of the season. Every year should have at least one cast member who know how to cut hair, otherwise someone inevitably ends up sitting next to Julie looking the way Shane did on Thursday.

Back in the present day, they talk about how Janelle hid her emotions so well that nobody ever knew what she was thinking, as illustrated by a clip from day16 when she revealed to Britney that she never cries, or feels much of anything at all. Back at the table, Dan talks about his Bible, which he was shocked to see Mike reading one day. Mike DRs that he was looking for guidance from God in the absence of his actual higher power, Dr. Will. We see that clip, which wasn't interesting enough to make the show the first time and still isn't. However, the same can't be said of Britney's Day 53 meltdown during her nomination week, when she started throwing things and playing mumblety-peg until Frank suggested taking it out on his giant teddy bear. Which she beat so hard that a larger person would have shredded the poor thing. The one time in the house her being a munchkin was actually an advantage.

Later, the final three move on to a fake-sounding reminiscence of the summer's fights, which cues a flashback to Frank vs. Willie on Day 9, which we relive in its entirety. Maybe even its entirety and then some, because it seems to last forever even in fast-forward mode. But that's just a warm-up to Willie vs. Joe on Day16, when Willie head-pushed Joe and got summarily expelled. If that had been the only thing Joe accomplished in this whole game, his summer wasn't a complete waste. And I can say that with confidence, because it was.

Back in the present, the final three have moved on to the arcade room to fakely discuss the showmance between Danielle and Shane. Danielle admits that the two of them did have a few fights. Then we travel back in time to Day 33, when Shane and Danielle were sniping at each other in the HoH bed and Britney got between them -- literally. The two of them each presented their case to Britney about the pros (Danielle) and cons (Shane) of having a showmance, and Britney tried to smooth things over between them, I think more out of boredom than anything else.

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