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Amber Waves Goodbye

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Amber Waves Goodbye

Outside, Zach is telling Dick that he would be happy ending up in second place to Dick or Daniele. I don't really get where that particular thread is going -- surely Dick's final two is himself and Daniele, unless he wants to wind up his redemption edit by sacrificing himself so that Daniele can beat some stooge (like Zach) instead -- but anyway, Dick confidently says that Zach won't be going this week. Zach, pressing on, says that winning the second-place prize of $50,000 would be fine with him, but Dick says that it will be Amber's week to go; he refers to her poor Power Of 10 performance, and to the fact that Amber's eviction would break up her alliance with Jameka. Zach says that if he stays, and wins HoH, he will nominate Jessica and Jameka, and backdoor Eric, if he can. This notion seems to appeal to Dick, who takes a moment to say that the only reason he wouldn't vote to keep Zach would be if he heard that Zach somehow sold him out, so of course we flash back to Zach's conversation with Eric where he makes the case for nominating Dick and Daniele. In the now, Zach reminds Dick that he voted to keep Dick, twice. Hey, yeah. Don't make me hate you now, Zach, just when you were turning into the last raft I could cling to in this brutal season. Dick's like, "Then we're good."

Girl talk in the HoH. Jessica joins Jameka and Amber, the last of whom wastes no time in beating the drum against Eric. She says it's like he's been HoH this week; Jameka agrees that everyone Eric has wanted to get out of the house has gone. Amber adds that she thinks the vote this week will either be 3-1 (against her) or 2-2, and Jessica immediately says that she would break a tie in Amber's favour, earning her a sharp look from Jameka. Amber says that while she does think Eric has feelings for Jessica, she also thinks he's playing his game through Jessica. Eventually, Eric comes to the door to break it up, and Amber quickly lies that she was talking about her boyfriend. Eric tells her she can talk about him at the table downstairs (he actually says "talk to him," though that can't be what he means -- unless Amber does something where she gets one of the other houseguests to pretend to be her boyfriend and talk to him by proxy or some damn thing; I wouldn't necessarily rule that out, given's Amber), and as they get ready to head downstairs, Jameka tells Amber that she needs to secure Daniele's vote.

Daniele is chilling in bed when Amber enters and starts whinily making her case for Daniele to keep her. She reminds Daniele of the preposterous deal she made with Daniele last week, and indeed, Daniele does DR that it could be in her interest to keep Amber around (though what we don't see is her estimating the odds that Amber would win an individual competition, of any kind, ever). From what we're shown, she remains silent throughout Amber's whine-ologue.

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