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Unlocking the Locked-Door Mystery

Aaryn finds Amanda and McCrae and tells them that she has to win Veto, or else she'll get voted out because everyone will think she got MVP and nominated Elissa. However, Aaryn doesn't have much trouble convincing Amanda that nobody would give her an MVP vote anyway, and Amanda figures the twist Julie mentioned last Thursday is somehow involved. Which is correct enough, but then they speculate that Elissa pulled a Regina George and nominated herself, hoping to pin it on Aaryn. Which is very not correct.

GinaMarie reports back to Judd and Kaitlin about Elissa's post-nomination behavior. Of course they all know that GinaMarie would never be able to play it cool had she been voted MVP. And if you thought that Amanda and Aaryn were way out on a limb with their theory Elissa nominated herself to make Aaryn the biggest target, well, Kaitlin climbs right out there with them.

PoV time. The competition appears to have an election theme, with mock-up campaign signs, voting booths, patriotic bunting and an actual mud pit, presumably for the players to drag each other's names through like in a real election. No, actually they're all dressed in borrowed Sunday best, and they'll have to crawl under benches and dig through the mud to find sealed envelopes, each of which contains a ballot indicating a certain number of votes. The goal is to collect the most total votes in eight minutes, but they only have slots for four ballots, which means they'll have to decide whether to keep or discard each one. There are also rewards or punishments on some of the ballots, which will remain in effect whether the player wins or loses. Andy says go, and the players dive into the mud. Most of the players DR about how gross it is except for Judd, who tells us in the DR about how it's like gigging frogs. At some point, water starts spraying on them and the mud. They're all talking in the DR about how much they want to win, until McCrae finds a ballot with zero votes and five grand and decides, "Who cares, I want money." At least he's honest.

Aaryn DRs that she didn't want mud on her face, saying in a rare moment of luminous self-awareness, "If my face was covered, I would be useless." Judd finds a ballot with 18 votes that requires him to submit to 24 hours of solitary confinement, and after some hesitation he locks it in. Elissa plays a 20-vote card that also says she can't play in the next Veto competition, which of course she might not be able to do anyway and definitely won't if she gets evicted tomorrow night. In the final seconds, Helen finds her first double-digit ballot, which comes with an 8:00 curfew for two nights. When the time is up, Helen reveals her ballots to show that along with her curfew, she has 29 votes. Kaitlin got 25 votes, McCrae 20 (and five grand) and Aaryn steals the lead with 32 votes. Judd beats that with 38 votes, along with "snooze alarm solitary." Finally, Elissa skips the next PoV competition and wins this one, with 40 votes. "Whoever secretly nominated me," she DRs, "you're going to have to try a lot harder to get me out of this house because I'm not going anywhere." Suck it, America! And suck it, Judd, who is regretting locking himself away from everyone else for 24 hours for nothing. He says a lot could happen in that time without his knowledge, which is probably the case anyway, but without alarm clocks. Howard is already thinking about who will replace Elissa on the block after she Vetoes herself, and hopes it's not him.

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