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Unlocking the Locked-Door Mystery

After the competition, Judd takes a towel and a Bible into a room that's been equipped with slop, bread, a portable toilet and a big loud alarm clock that's going to go off every nine minutes. "It'll be all right, though," he says. "I'll just pretend that I'm in jail." Because that would be better? Not much later, Helen says goodnight to everyone and goes to bed at 8:00, feeling like her kids. Judd is trying to get some sleep, which of course he has to do in eight-and-a-half-minute increments because of the blaring snooze alarm that he can't even reach from the couch he's sleeping on.

Elsewhere in the house, it's McCrae's 24th birthday, and the gang decides that Amanda should get dressed up to give him some birthday spankings. Elissa starts making fun of the fringed one-piece swimsuit Amanda puts on one-piece swimsuit, because she's safe this week and doesn't give a shit. Up in the HoH room, some of the guys have bandanas covering their faces as they grab McCrae, drag him over to the bed and let Amanda smack him on the ass with some kind of stubby little whip. Don't even ask me where that thing came from. Elissa disapproves of the whole display, and says so, both in the Diary Room and to Amanda's face, generally being not only a total buzzkill, but actively rude. She calls it, among other things, "gross." Amanda's actually wounded, and seems to have realized that Elissa's not as nice as she pretends to be.

McCrae goes and finds Amanda crying in the toilet cubicle, saying Elissa didn't like Amanda getting more attention than she did. Amanda's especially hurt after being on Elissa's side and helping save her before. "She's digging her own grave," McCrae tells Amanda. Happy birthday, McCrae.

Through all of this, Judd is having the longest 24 hours of his life. In the final seconds of his confinement, all the other houseguests gather supportively outside the door (like there's anything else to do), cheering for his release. Finally he comes out to cheers and hugs. He also has a beer in his hand within seconds and a plate of food from Helen a minute after that. "I don't ever want to go back to that room again," he DRs. Since that's one of the regular rooms in the house, that might be tricky.

Before the Veto meeting, Helen is worried that she might be the next target after Elissa Vetoes herself. There aren't many other potential sources of suspense or DR commentary, since of course Elissa's going to Veto herself. And it's not like we can hear from anyone about the replacement nominee, because that person is being chosen by the MVP. And after everyone gathers in the living room, they find out it's… GinaMarie. So much for Elissa's idea of her being MVP. She parks it on the nominee couch and puts her feet up. In the DR, Howard thanks the MVP, "whoever you are," for not nominating him. Aaryn DRs that she's shocked about the replacement nominee, but doesn't know what it means for her yet. It means you're going home, Aaryn. Kaitlin takes this development as further proof that Elissa is the MVP: "If somebody in this house was truly going after Elissa, they would have replaced her with Helen. Seems kinda fishy." Well, there you go, then. GinaMarie has no idea what's going on, but says she's here to win. Well, if nothing else, it looks like the guys' losing streak is breaking this week.

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