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America's Jerkweed

Jessica gets her call from her brother, who is indeed home. She says she's sorry she missed the homecoming. He asks her how the show is, and she says it's "so much fun" and she loves it, but it's really stressful. (MS: "You know what I'd be talking about to my brother who just got back from Iraq? How stressful my time on Big Brother is. Because the thing is, he can relate.") He tells her people are buying "Booyah" shirts like the one she has. So they're sticking to the important subjects, is what it is. He tells her he loves her, and they sign off. She hangs up and cries. Support our troops! And also Dick! Jessica tells us she's really happy to know her brother is home, because being gone when he got back was the worst part of coming on the show. She goes and tells everyone, and she gets big hugs from everybody, including Eric, who is getting big points for giving her the phone call. Not boobie-touching points, but points. She tells us that it was so wonderful to hear her brother's voice. She tells us that if he can make it through a war, she can certainly make it through a TV show. I was afraid she was going in that direction. (MS: "At least she acknowledged that war is harder.")

When we return, it's time for Eric to go into the booth and find out the America's Player assignment. Who should he get nominated? Jameka. I still hate America. Like, America the voter, of course. Eric says that this will be a super-easy assignment. We watch as Eric goes to visit with Zach, asking him "what's shaking." Zach doesn't give Eric the spine-crushing he deserves, but reports that he's attempting to pick his own brain, which is new to me. Eric tells Zach that he thinks Jameka should be put up and should go home, because she's impossible to beat at the end. Zach points out that Jameka hasn't done anything. Eric accuses Jameka of having "natural leadership and charisma," and he seems to be serious about it. Really? Jameka? Has leadership and...charisma? In the DR, Eric tells us that he tried really hard to get Jameka nominated. Zach tells Eric that he still doesn't really know what the best course of action is.

Daniele pulls her dad aside for a talk. She tells us that getting rid of Eric or Jessica would solve a lot of problems for her or for her dad, and they can now do it without getting themselves in trouble. Daniele goes out to talk to Zach, who's floating in the pool. She tells him she has "information." She swears him to secrecy, but she says that if Jessica or Eric doesn't go home this week, Zach will go home next week, absent Daniele getting HoH. Pressed for some explanation as to how she knows this or what the hell she's talking about, Daniele simply repeats to Zach that Eric and Jessica want to get rid of him. He doesn't really seem surprised by that part. Despite all Daniele's claims of secrecy, Dick kind of ruins the mood by coming out to the pool, where he starts in on all this same stuff. Zach asks for reassurance that if he puts up Eric and Jessica, he won't be put up by Dick or Daniele next week, and they agree. And why not trust them, really?

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