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An Offer They Should Have Refused

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Wrong Moves, Right Reasons

Aaryn approaches Helen with a couple of proposals to try to win Elissa's trust: either throw HoH or let Elissa pick Aaryn's nominees in the event Aaryn wins it. Helen agrees to check with Elissa. Elissa's still having trouble getting over Aaryn's history of racial remarks and still thinks she needs to go. Which I don't disagree with, but Elissa's so whiny about it that I find myself disagreeing with her. Dammit, Elissa!

In the back yard, Helen confers with Judd, Andy and Jessie, saying they can't tell Spencer or Howard about the pending deal with Aaryn. Judd boasts that they'll both do what he says, since he made an alliance with those two, as well as GinaMarie and Kaitlin. Yes, he actually comes right out and tells them this. He calls it a "fake alliance," but I don't think the other four people who are in it know that. Judd DRs that he decided to cross over to the people in the house he actually trusts. And this news is what convinces Helen that Kaitlin has to go, being even more dangerous than she thought. Judd is dangerous too, but the person he poses the greatest danger to is Judd.

In the storage room, Helen reports to Elissa and Amanda about this new alliance, which proves that Howard and Kaitlin are in cahoots. And of course we know how Amanda feels about Howard. Helen tells them to keep it quiet, and Amanda snarks, "Acting is not everybody's forte in this building." She doesn't know the half of it.

And here's the proof: at some point, Elissa is alone in the kitchen with Kaitlin and she comes out and asks her, "Did you make a deal with Spencer and Howard?" Oh my God, can nobody in this house keep their slophole shut for five minutes? Elissa's reason for bringing this up is that she'd rather keep Kaitlin than Aaryn, unlike all of her allies. And I mean, fine, but there's a way to go about it other than secretly screwing your friends behind their back so you can get your way. Obviously this is news to Kaitlin and Elissa suggests a house meeting. Aaryn is somehow overhearing this from the bathroom and realizes she needs to talk to Helen to make sure they still have a deal.

So Aaryn tells Helen about Elissa's unilateral plan-screwing move, which does not please Helen after all her efforts to keep Elissa in the house. A lot of that going around this week. "Oh, my God, she'd better not fuck this up," she mutters to Aaryn. Meanwhile, Kaitlin goes out to the back yard to tell Howard and Spencer that Elissa's onto them. And Helen goes and interrupts a conversation Elissa's having with GinaMarie to demand, "Elissa, what's going on?" Judd's looming over them as well, as Helen tells Elissa what Aaryn told her she said. Elissa denies it, of course. Aaryn picks the worst possible moment to blunder into the room, though she offers to leave. Andy has also wandered in as Aaryn tells the room what she overheard Elissa saying, and suggests bringing Kaitlin in to corroborate. When Kaitlin comes in, she suggests bringing everyone else in so they can clear the air. Soon everyone save Candice (asleep), Amanda and McCrae (canoodling) are in there so they can all discuss it. Elissa doesn't want to say where she heard about the secret alliance, and Judd sits there nervously, since he's the one who blew its cover in the first place. Spencer denies any such alliance, and soon Aaryn and Elissa are yelling at each other about who was talking about whom, to the point where Howard is reconsidering getting rid of Aaryn after all. Who is really quite terrible at this game. It would have been so easy to sit back and let Elissa blow up both herself and Kaitlin, but instead she's all, "Look at me, I'm nominated, let me get all righteously indignant and yell in front of everyone. Again."

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