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Wrong Moves, Right Reasons

So after all that drama, now it's time to dull things down a little with the group Chenterview via the living room viewscreen. Julie starts with Judd, telling him that Twitter is "abuzz with talk about… your grizzly bear shirt." Yeah, I've noticed that shirt but have considered it beneath comment. Julie points out that several other houseguests have been seen wearing it and even suggests she might wear it herself next week. It wouldn't be any crazier than most of her other outfits. She then wishes McCrae a happy 24th birthday, and then plays them some footage of the frozen yogurt Have/Have-Not competition, particularly GinaMarie gobbling it down like… I'm sorry, I can't even say it. I don't know how anyone in the house keeps it in.

Almost time for the live vote, but first the three nominees get to make their speeches. Aaryn starts, saying she wants to be there more than anything but has learned a lot and will respect their decision. Kaitlin gives a generic shout-out to the people at home and in the house, as does GinaMarie, adding that she has "a big heart and a bad accent." She says hi to Nick, who is probably dating some really nice guy by now.

Voting begins. Amanda votes to evict Kaitlin, as do McCrae, Helen, Candice and Elissa ("sadly, sadly, sadly"). That's already enough votes to seal Kaitlin's fate, but Spencer, Howard, Andy and Jessie make it the first unanimous vote of the summer. After the ads. GinaMarie is the first to find out she's safe, and Kaitlin doesn't look stunned to find out she's gone. And the only person she hugs on her way out is GinaMarie. Everyone in the house is left to hug each other instead after she's gone, causing all manner of static on their body mics. So inconsiderate.

Out in the studio, Julie asks Kaitlin why she got out of there so quickly and Kaitlin says it was because "people lied to my face and I knew it was coming." She was a little surprised at the unanimous vote and although she initially declines to say she's mad at anyone in particular, she does end up naming Andy, of all people. Julie asks why she's here and Kaitlin blames it in the people she was allied with. Well, you picked them, sweetheart. Julie breaks the news that Kaitlin, Aaryn, and GinaMarie were dubbed the "Mean Girls." Kaitlin's a little stung by this, as she reminds everyone she's from Minnesota. Hey, don't drag me into this, lady. However, she admits, "I aligned with some catty girls." Julie's voice gets dangerously gentle as she says that Aaryn was seen as the ringleader for most of the crap that went on, but Kaitlin was in on it too. "Why participate in ugly behavior?" Kaitlin continues blaming Aaryn, saying it rubbed off on her and she still regrets picking the wrong side of the house.

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