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And Then There Were Four

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And Then There Were Four

Will and Bunky's final words are extremely dull, all about fun, and teamwork, and learning and growing. Bunky only cries a little bit.

Big Blue Chair of Spin. Nicole: she's having a tough time with this vote. Strategy. Game. Not personal. Yawn.

Next, Julie cues up a montage detailing the houseguest's opinions of Hardly. They liked him, but now he's the devil. I mean, in a nutshell.

HoH interview of Boredom and Spin. The best part is where the audio cuts out and Hardly can't hear Julie talking to him, and I pretend he's just snubbing her and refusing to talk, but it turns out to be boring old technical problems. As for the interview, you know the drill: just a game/ strategy/ revenge/ not personal. Julie yawns widely.

Voting. It'sOnica goes first. She votes to evict Will. Julie doesn't talk to her at all, probably because she has no idea how to respond to anything It'sOnica says.

Nicole: sobs and bitches and votes to evict Bunky. The crying? Fake. It seems the least she could do is somehow work up some tears to go along with the dry sobbing.

Julie comes out and announces that they have a tie, and makes Hardly cast the tie-breaking vote right there in the living room. He votes to evict Bunky, and I thank the Lord for giving me another week of funny, funny evil Will. ["The part of Canada represented in my living room cheered and high-fived." -- Wing Chun] And Bunky doesn't break down, but he does hug everyone and act all sportsmanlike and then he takes his leave of the house with great good grace. Nicole calls to him and reminds him to call Jeff for her. Because she can't let him go without one final order.

"I'm out! I am out! Bunky is out! So to speak," Bunky says as he walks to meet Julie. They talk. Bunky says very little of interest, although he doesn't cry, and he carries himself with class, even if his shirt is unbuttoned too low for my taste. He says he'd like to see It'sOnica win. Hey, I guess anything is possible. Bunky tells Julie that he regrets voting out Kent, Krista, and Autumn, but that his stay in the house has been "a life-altering experience" and he lost twenty pounds! Whee! Next, Julie plays recorded messages from the remaining houseguests. "Hey, Bunky, it's me, Hardy," Hardly begins, in case Bunky was struck blind as well as being evicted. Everyone says nice things. Nicole pretends to cry. Anyway, yammer, yammer, Gregg comes in and they peck, and while I wish they'd just totally mack on live television, we do get several shots of Gregg patting Bunky's much smaller butt. And that's it. Vaya con Dios, Bunky!

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