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And Then There Were Four

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And Then There Were Four

Later, Will, Hardly, and Nicole are out on the patio, and Hardly is about to turn in. He asks Nicole for a massage. She tells him she'll be inside after she finishes her tea. Then she and Will talk about caffeine for, like, forty-five minutes. When Nicole is sure Hardly is out of earshot, she congratulates Will on entertaining Hardly so well, like Hardly is her colicky baby and Will is the only person who will watch him so that she can take a shower and have five minutes to herself. Will says, seemingly genuinely, that he has a really good time with Nicole and Hardly, and points out that it sure would be nice to be in the final three among people with whom you actually enjoy spending time. Will then claims for the seventeen thousandth time that he's the weakest player in the house.

In the Diary Room, Will hopes aloud that Nicole will save him if he gets nominated this week.

Nicole tells the camera that Will drives her crazy, but, at the same time, she considers him a good friend.

Back at the conversation on the patio, Nicole admits that it would be hard for her to vote Bunky out of the house. Will is all, you can't vote me out! He suggests that maybe Hardly could nominate It'sOnica and Bunky. Nicole snippily reminds him that she can't make Hardly do anything. She sighs. "I guess I'd better...I have to give him a fucking back rub. Shit," she groans. Will laughs and suggests that she tell Hardly she's too tired. "I am, but he needs to talk to me. And you need me to go talk to him," Nicole says pointedly. Will agrees with this, and starts up with the "weakest person in the house" stuff, but Nicole tells him to cut that shit out, because she's sick of it.

Hardly tells Nicole that his "brain is racing" with the possibilities that could come from the upcoming nominations. "Will they try to break us up?" he wonders. Nicole says nothing. Hardly points out that the rest of the house would be nuts not to try to destroy his alliance with Nicole, what with them having the power of two and all.

In the Diary Room, Nicole explains that she and Hardly have control over the upcoming vote. If there's a tie, Hardly is the tiebreaker. He is, in effect, the swing vote. She and Hardly talk some more strategy in the kitchen. She says she'll vote out Will if she has to, but she can't imagine having to live with Bunky and It'sOnica for another week. "There are a lot of people on [the memory wall] who will be pissed if I don't get [Will] out of here," Hardly whines. Guess what? Most of them already hate you, Hardly.

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