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And Then There Were Four

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And Then There Were Four

Bunky and Will are blindfolded and led out to the parking lot, where the helicopter picks them up. On the way to the out-building where the blindfolded winners are passed off to the Big Brother producers, Hardly walks Bunky into a wall. Everyone giggles. In the Diary Room, Will says he considered donating his trip to Nicole, since she's been so down. "Just kidding!" he chirps, "I'm keeping this and there's no way I'm letting anyone else use it. I've always wanted to go in a helicopter and no one can take this from me!" Hardly admits that he's a bit jealous of Bunky and Will, but Nicole is outright furious, and gripes that, first, she wants that helicopter ride, and, second, she wants to kick the crap out of Will. That Nicole -- so gracious and such a good sport.

In the helicopter, Will and Bunky crack me up by calling each other "Woodchuck" and "Gray Squirrel." Will asks for the kosher meal. Bunky quips that the pilot sounds cute. Down in the back yard, Hardly and It'sOnica wave as they take off. "Can you see them, Will?" Bunky asks. "No, but I'll take your word for it. I don't like those people anyway," Will snarks. Back in the Big Blue Chair of Speaking for The Audience, Will says that he appreciates Bunky as a person, and that Nicole is "the most depressed person [he's] ever seen in [his] life, and [he] [doesn't] want to sit alone with her any place, any where." Indeed, back at the house, Nicole is lolling in a patio chair like a consumptive waiting to die. Then she runs inside the house and flings herself into her bed. Hardly looks at It'sOnica and comments that he's not wild about Nicole's current attitude.

Later, in the kitchen, Nicole pisses and moans to Hardly. Hardly's body language just screams "uncomfortable!" in this scene: his arms are crossed across his chest as tightly as possible.

Meanwhile, the boys are having a great time, looking at the Hollywood sign, downtown Los Angeles, the Griffith Park Observatory, and Dodger Stadium. It's a pretty clear day, and they're getting a great view of Los Angeles. When they buzz the Playboy Mansion, Will tells the pilot just to put the helicopter down in the yard. "Hef and I are on first name basis," he snarks. Bunky laughs, and hands Will a gourmet sandwich. They take pictures of each other. They smile! They laugh! Will chirps that it was a great gay date! Finally, they swing around the Santa Monica pier, and probably fly right over my house on the way back to Burbank.

Back at the house, Hardly tells Nicole she has to chill out, but she responds that she hates Will and wants to kill him. She's so pissed about...yeah, I don't even know what she's so pissed about. She's just angry, mostly for the sake of being angry, I suspect. And Hardly is sort of exhausted by her.

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