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Bye Bye, Dirty

The bottom clues say "Fifth evicted" and "Replaced Kevin on the block." So the correct block would have Jessie on the left and Russell on the right, but no one gets to that very quickly. Michele knows who it is, but she can't find the block she's right next to because she's laid them all out so they're difficult to read. Then: "Wore a space princess outfit" and "Played no veto competitions." Kevin can't find a Ronnie-Braden or Ronnie-Laura block, so he puts a Ronnie-Casey placeholder block. Michele lays her blocks out in order, then starts stacking them, but her bottom one is clearly wrong. Kevin can hear her stacking like crazy, though, so he thinks she's kicking butt. Jordan's doing nothing, and in the DR, she says, "I feel like a yo-yo." She didn't even know the first answer. Michele rings the buzzer, but has everything wrong. Literally, every block is wrong. She has Russell correct twice, but the other halves of those blocks are wrong. EVERY OTHER ANSWER IS WRONG. She has Laura as fifth evicted, which is idiotic, since she was the second one out. Music of stupidity as we watch Jordan continue to do nothing. Kevin's stacking. So's Michele, and she's at least fixed the bottom block, so maybe she's closer. Jordan even starts stacking. Michele buzzes in again, but has one clue wrong: She has Lydia evicted by 3-7 vote. Then Kevin buzzes in, and he wins. He freaks out, rightly, because he knows he's made it to final three. Michele runs over and hugs him congratulations. He cries of happiness.

Michele DRs she should be nice to Kevin now, and she hugs him again for good measure. Jordan explains she'll be the replacement nominee, and Kevin might send her home. Kevin thinks this is so stressful. Julie reminds us Kevin has all the power, and that he'll send someone home, since he holds all the power. She says we'll find out soon enough. "But first," we'll talk to the houseguests. She asks Kevin how it feels to hold all the power. He says it feels pretty good, but is actually stressful, because it's a huge decision having the future of these two girls in his hands. Julie asks Jordan what it's like without her BFF Jeff in the house. Jordan says it's hard, because she and Jeff used to play dumb games when she was bored and now she just wants to talk to him. Julie asks Natalie how hard the decision to open Pandora's box was. Natalie says it wasn't hard. She's safe and got to see her boyfriend, and the veto went as planned. So, apparently she's revealed her lie of wanting Kevin out, then? Why didn't they show that? Or did she just slip up? Julie shows the houseguests the pests that bugged them while their other pest was locked up in Pandora's box with her boyfriend. Then she asks Michele who was most annoying. Michele refrains from saying "Natalie," and says the baby, because he kept following her around and he smelled bad and wouldn't stop calling her "Mommy." Creepy. Back to commercials.

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